These are the Pick Up Blogs...

Tadpoled has started up the first (that I know of) dating/seduction/pick up artist blog aggregator, The Pick Up Blogs. It essentially compiles and lists blog posts of everyone who's listed so you can go in and take a look to see if your favorite writers have pasted on new delicious dating stories or pick up tactics.

In time, the Pick Up Blogs may even start implementing certain features like Digg has (where news stories are essentially voted upon by the public instead of editors) and the best posts get listed in the Top 10. Some social bookmarking scheme (like delicious) may also be implemented in the future where you can bookmark your favorite posts under key word tags.

All in all, a great idea that's ushering our little seduction and dating niche community forward. Both men and women are included so start submitting those sites.

Now we just need a name when we "Digg" a post. "Pick It", "Seduce It", "Date Me", "Love Me", "Pimp Me"? What do you think?

Signed, Asian Playboy

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