By Popular Request

I am going to start using more normal font size. According to my visitor stats (and comments from people), the majority of readers are at 1024x768 while I'm using 1280x1024.

To me, the normal font size is incredibly small, but for the majority of you, my enhanced size is too big. So to accomodate my readers, I will be adjusting my posts so that they are of more normal sizes. Of course, at up to 200 posts, no way in heck am I going to be editing all of them, just the main ones.

My next series of post should close out the attraction switches in women. As previously stated, the final attraction switch (namely sexual attraction) will only be in my newsletter. Later on, I'll also address the idea of situational awareness and your internal attraction radar and how that plays a part in real time flirting and seduction, calibrating your awareness, picking up the women's signals and making quick decisions.

And as a reminder the [Confidential]Asian Playboy Case Files #2 will go out next Monday.