Another Asian Pick Up Artist Joins the Fold

I have it on good authority and reliable sources that we have another top Asian pick up artist. Running Mystery Method and C&F style, this PUA apparently flirts, picks up, dates, and seduces girls from day time venues.

That's right, this seducer is purely a day time master, almost exclusively picking up girls at the mall, the bookstore, and wherever else cute girls might congregate during the day light hours. No bars, clubs, and beer goggles for this young gentleman when it comes to the art of conversation and flirting. He came into his own in 2005 and has started to spread his wings in 2006.

Dear readers, I introduce another top Asian pick up artist of 2005... Grungey10!

I feel honored to be placed up your list of top asian pua's. I've been in the game for about a year and a half now. I never really watched or seen a pua in action so I was forced to work with the trial and error method. I've been exposed to a lot of theories and read a lot of stuff. The ironic thing is that I started getting good the moment I decided to stop educating myself and start applying what I've learned. Ever since then I started going out at the street and doing as much day game as possible. As soon as I got a little better I started bringing people out in the field and pushing them into sets. I feel proud of myself for being able to effectively pass on my knowledge to the people that are truly seeking to learn. One of my most gratifying pay offs I got recently was when A student of mine called me telling me that he's found an ltr worth commiting to, it's nice to know that people like that don't lose their focus and goals they've set for themselves. I've taught quite a number of people and I recently got a few couple flying from chicago just for a free bootcamp.

I'm started out being really good with rapport and comfort since I grew up with 4 little sisters. Once I realized that my attitude of being the ball busting brother would work wonders for me in field, that's when it all started to feel natural to me. My goal ever since I got to the community is much different than most of the people I know. I wanted to be able to build my communication skills, have good quality of people in my life, and find a girl worth commiting to. I have all now and I'm satisfied with it. My goal now is to build and expand my social circle. After getting a lot of offers and people wanting to go out, I decided to just hold 1 on 1 bootcamps. It's much more convenient and mutually benefiting for both parties. I don't have a website but people can shoot me an e-mail at if they're interested in 1 on 1 bootcamps in the O.C. area.

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