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Please be patient though and realize that I do get backed up in e-mails and responses. Sometimes e-mails pile up due to my busy schedule and I need a reminder. But go ahead, give me a poke or two!

So if for some reason I don't get back to you within two to three business days, please feel free to CONTACT ME AGAIN for good measure AND at our Customer Support E-mail Address.


Initial correspondence will include The Asian Playboy and APB Team Representative. All clients are assigned a Rep dependent upon the clients location (see below). In depth consultations will be with The Asian Playboy.

Toy Machine: Approach Coach (Representative for Las Vegas, General, and Overseas clients)

Wingwoman (Representative for clients from Las Vegas and handling Media Inquiries)

Quipster: Technical Intern (Representative for clients from the Texas and Southern States)

Bullseye: Business Intern (Representative for East and West Coast clients and Business/Affiliate/Media/General Inquiries)

Social Alchemist:Intern (Representative for Canadian clients)

Johnny Wolf: Intern (Representative serving clients in the Los Angeles and Southern California area)

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