My Life & Starcraft 2 in Review

En Taro Adun, my fellow Starcraft nerds, Kevin Feng here!

Well, can't say that I haven't been looking forward to this day for quite some time. Actually, I take that back, today is actually pretty bittersweet and I know for a fact some of you can identify with this.

I still remember the day I picked up my Collector's Edition of Starcraft (I got the zerg box!) back in 1997. My parents were the typical Asian Nazis and I literally had to pull straight A's the entire year for them to let me buy a Video Game, so you could only imagine the anticipation as I took it out of the box and installed it on my 100 mhz Pentium computer.The cinematics were gorgeous, storyline was solid, and of course..... the game play was just unsurpassed.

Usually when people get addictions, they last for a month.... maybe a year, and then the person realizes, it's time to get their sh*t together. Me on the other hand.... I was addicted to Starcraft all the way till my high school graduation, I played incessantly for almost six years straight.

I woke up one day and looked at myself in the mirror. I was overweight, pale, had acne and well....... my social situation was pretty on par with what you would guess. NOT the best way to start my four years at college.

This is what lead to my eventual appearance on VH1's "The Pick Up Artist".

I suppose one could make an argument and say that my extreme shortcomings lead to a cool career path as a Dating Coach, but honestly, I felt like a destitute man trying to keep up with credit card payments, I just didn't have my priorities straight and trust me, it was an uphill battle all the way through.

ANYWAYS, not here to bash you if you bought Starcraft 2 and for those casual gamers, s'all good, BUT if you're one of those hardcore gamers (you know who you are) that's probably going lock himself in the basement for the next 6 months, I sincerely hope you reconsider. Life's short, you're only on this planet for 28,000 days. And you're in your prime from when you're age 18 - 30, that's roughly 4,000 days.

Don't be like me and waste 3000 of those days on, go out and do something meaningful.

Hope this didn't fall on deaf ears.

Warm Regards,
Kevin Feng


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