Johnny Wolf is taking a bootcamp - as a student.

Hey guys, Johnny Wolf here! I finally put my money where my mouth is and signed up for a bootcamp...

I’ve always told guys that trying to learn a new skill like pick up by reading books and watching videos on the internet is retarded.  I could have watched video after video, asked questions on forums, and read up everything I could about the subject, but I knew better than that.

Knowledge isn’t power.  Knowledge turned into action is power.  

-Picking a School to Learn From-

I found a school that I wanted to learn from, put down my deposit, booked a hotel room, and traveled four hours to get there.  So here I am, on Day 5 of my MMA Bootcamp.  Learning this new skill is very similar to learning the game actually.

There are thousands of guys that watch UFC on TV and talk shit on the forums all day, but have never trained out in the field.  Some guys know all of the terminology and all of the tricks and routines such as the “Kimura” or the “Triangle” but have never actually used it.  Just like how some guys know ever PUA Routine in the book but have never used it on a girl.

-Learning the Basics-

I’m a firm believer that learning the basics is key to anything.  With pick up, working on your body language, eye contact, smile, kino, voice tonality, and walk is often more important than what you actually say.

With MMA I took a private lesson with the instructor so he could help me build a solid foundation for the basics such as body position, angles, and leverage.

-Having a Good Instructor-

Sure, I could have had one of my buddies teach me some moves for free, or I could have just watched some how-to videos on line and practiced everything myself.  But having an experienced instructor allowed me to learn eight months worth of knowledge and skill and more importantly, prevent the hundreds of newbie mistakes that everyone makes, before them became a bad habit.

I would say that that is the #1 most important reason to have an experienced instructor is having someone point out and fix your sticking points and bad habits before they become ingrained.

-Learning a New Skill–

The next time you want to learn a new skill, whether it is playing a musical instrument, surfing, or art, take the time to learn it properly and don’t get frustrated.

If your goal is to learn to be a pick up artist, or just want to improve your game, sign up for the upcoming March 19th Las Vegas Bootcamp.  Check out this incredible review by my students at the last EXPLOSIVE Vegas program!

It’ll be a fun, intense three day and three night journey and just like he bootcamp I’m on now, it will build you a solid foundation to improve your dating life  and pick up skills for the rest of your life as well as show you immediate things so you can get the win right away.

I hope to see you there.

Where: Las Vegas
When: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, three days and three nights.
Dates: March 19th-22nd 2010
Cost: For the first time ever, we’re offering this bootcamp for under $1,000 for those who sign up early, you better sign up soon.
Details and Sign up:

Warm Regards,
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