Dear Asian Playboy: "From London with Love"

Here's some fanmail all the way over to that big island we affectionately call Great Britain, populated by our friendly neighborhood albino Britons. Adam (ALL NAMES AND PERSONAL DETAILS HAVE BEEN ALTERED TO MAINTAIN 100% PRIVACY AND ANONYMITY) here is commenting on the new and FREE mini-ebook I just finished writing called "Enter the PUA."

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My reply after Adam from England...
"As for "opening lines", my feeling is that if a woman has you on her short-list of guys she'd like to know better, then it doesn't matter much what you say, so long as you say something, and make some sort of connection."
Hello from England

Thanks for the e-book preview, which favorably impressed me. It is simply and clearly written. I like your emphasis on the non-verbal aspect of this business: your advice chimes in with my own experience.

I recently retired where I worked in an office (my career was spent there). This gave me opportunity to get to know various young women who came and went, mostly student types. I have consistently found that being aware of what you're doing non-verbally, really makes a difference.

As for "opening lines", my feeling is that if a woman has you on her short-list of guys she'd like to know better, then it doesn't matter much what you say, so long as you say something, and make some sort of connection. Once that's established, if she's still interested, then within certain very broad limits, it doesn't matter much what you chat about, so long as you're saying something, and forming some sort of bond. So you can relax, do your thing, and see what happens.

I have found that when women are with someone they like, they are very forgiving. Just avoid being a jerk, be the gentleman, and see what happens. And if nothing happens, well that's life.

I should point out that most of the women I've flirted with, are young enough to be my daughters now, yet they respond better to me, than young women did when I was young myself. In the old days, I only had to get within 100 yards of a girl I fancied, and she'd threaten to call for the police if I got any closer. Ok, I exagggerate, but you know what I mean. I do better now--just a little more progress needed.

Well, this is already longer than I planned to make it, so I'd better stop.

Adam Anonymous

Dear Adam Anonymous,

Thank you for your kind words. After experimenting with all different forms and methods myself, I found that a combination of both Verbal Attraction and Outer Confidence produces the best results.

While it is an exaggeration that Non-Verbal Communication is 97% of human interpersonal relationships, I do believe that it is a VITAL piece of pick-up and male-female attraction.

Think of it this way, beautiful women get hit on ALL the time. So they hear the pick-up lines that range from the sublime to the groteseque. What they ACTUALLY look for are NON VERBAL CUES.

Or, here's another way to put it, what they actually HEAR from a guy is "WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH" like from the cartoon Charlie Brown.

So it's VERY important to practice and master Outer Confidence as one of the vital building blocks of your FOUNDATION to long term success no matter if you practice canned, situational, indirect, direct, or whatever method.

It's about the HOLISTIC MASTERY of pick-up & self-improvment which incorporates all 3 vital components:
  1. Inner Strength (Identity, Emotional Intelligence, & the 10 Pillars of Confidence)
  2. Outer Confidence (Nonverbal Subcommunication & Body Language Positioning)
  3. Verbal Skills (Banter, Flirting, & Storytelling)
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