You Don't Involve Pick Up Teachers in Lair Politics

I'm not going to go into great detail of the events from Friday where we had myself, Quipster, Groove, TX Surfer, and Mojo.

Bottom line, is that there are two fractious Dallas Lairs:
  1. The older Dallas Seduction Lair run by Dimitri
  2. The newer Dallas PUA Lair run by Mojo.
Now, whenever I travel to different cities, I'm mindful of not stepping on people's toes. It's perfectly understandable that people can get a little territorial. So if I want to run a seminar for the group, I politely approach the Lair organizer as it is their city and their members.

But sometimes it's a little hard to remain above the bickering. Like Toronto where there are THREE groups. I do, however, TRY to remain unattached and neutral in order to rise above it all.

So you can imagine my surprise when I was given an ultimatum that if I work with ONE Lair, I can't work with the OTHER Lair... First of all, that's pretty much BULLSHIT...

ESPECIALLY when I'm OFFERING to do a FREE seminar for BOTH Lairs as a farewell gift. I don't know what happened between the two Lairs and BradP and all that.



As to the actual physical altercation that went down that night:
  1. He stood up
  2. Got in my face about: Dimitri, Second Chance, AceOfHearts, BradP, etc.
  3. Exchanged words
  4. Shoved me & threw a punch
  5. I got him in a head lock
  6. Bouncers came and pulled him out
  7. Bouncers didn't touch me
  8. He was waiting outside
  9. I approached him on the street
  10. He ran off

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P.S. I also called up the other head Lair organizer, Dimitri, and bitched him out about letting this political BULLSHIT get out of hand.

P.S.S. I then called Mojo on Sunday to get things hammered out. Things seemed steady- if not solid- and then- today- he chose to escalate things even further by impugning that my offering a FREE SEMINAR was a money grubbing scheme. He seems to forget that it was Prophet and I who brought Dallas the FIRST *FREE* 40 MAN SEMINAR BOOTCAMP.

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