[PODCAST] Download Fallout Central's MP3 w/ The Asian Playboy

The Asian brothers over at Fallout Central did a podcast with me this last Sunday on 07/08/07. Obviously we talk about pick up, but we also go in depth in how I started teaching pick up and the interracial aspect of it all so be sure to check out those AA activists over at Fallout Central.

It's almost an hour long and my portion starts at 37:30 and lasts to about 80:30. Anyways, I'm slowly racking up more podcast experience and I think the last ten to fifteen minutes went pretty good as we started talking more about our personal experiences and other outrageous stories.

They're located in New York City (I believe) which is where myself, Toy Machine, and Johnny Wolf are heading out to next week. The NYC Program was sold out, but because we have Johnny Wolf- Intern in Training- as an extra bonus, I'm opening ONE MORE SEAT!!! It'll still be a better than 2:1 (Student to Instructor) ratio with Johnny Wolf on board.

Contact us here for this SPECIAL last minute opening for a NYC "ABCs of Attraction" Group Program with us! Booyah, baby! The APB Team does NYC!

Signed, Asian Playboy

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P.S.Here's a direct link to download and listen to the podcast!

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