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[UPDATE: This blog is no longer being updated. For the very best and very latest in my continuing (mis)adventures, techniques, results, and pictures, please go to my ABCs of Attraction Blog! Thanks and I'll see you on the other side! - JT]

The Asian brothers over at Fallout Central did a podcast with me this last Sunday on 07/08/07. Obviously we talk about pick up, but we also go in depth in how I started teaching pick up and the interracial aspect of it all so be sure to check out those AA activists over at Fallout Central.

It's almost an hour long and my portion starts at 37:30 and lasts to about 80:30. Anyways, I'm slowly racking up more podcast experience and I think the last ten to fifteen minutes went pretty good as we started talking more about our personal experiences and other outrageous stories.

They're located in New York City (I believe) which is where myself, Toy Machine, and Johnny Wolf are heading out to next week. The NYC Program was sold out, but because we have Johnny Wolf- Intern in Training- as an extra bonus, I'm opening ONE MORE SEAT!!! It'll still be a better than 2:1 (Student to Instructor) ratio with Johnny Wolf on board.

Contact us here for this SPECIAL last minute opening for a NYC "ABCs of Attraction" Group Program with us! Booyah, baby! The APB Team does NYC!

Signed, Asian Playboy

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P.S.Here's a direct link to download and listen to the podcast!

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Anonymous Rumble said...

Just listened to the interview. That was fantastic! Was it just me or did you sense those guys had a sort of skeptical and condescending tone at first, but by the end you totally won them over? Shit, man, i can't wait to meet up with you. Been trying to get out when I can. I'm trying to get in the habit of just approaching any attractive girl (during the day) and asking for something relevant ie the time, directions, or for a quarter haha
At night, just doing whatever, like talking to random strangers (guy or girl), chatting up the bartender and trying to get her to give me a free shot; not begging for it, but bc she thinks I'm a fun guy or likes my energy or whatever. Felt kinda slimy bc the other day, I was running my very limited game on this cute little latina girl my friend brought and who he was trying to hook up with (didn't know til later, and promised i'd try to hook him up with some Asian girls, since he got the yellow fever)
Got this shy little thing, to start hardcore dance f**king; got my hands all over, biting and kissing her neck, both sweating like crazy, but got denied repeatedly, yet playfully, on the makeout. *Sigh* Still have a lot (eh hem..everything) to learn!

7/13/2007 12:36 AM


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