[GUEST] 5 Ways to "WOW" Women With Your Approach by Grungey

"When you’re in bars and clubs, you can escalate things sexually almost right away. When you’re outside of bars and clubs there’s a huge trust factor that you need to take in consideration. They don’t know you. You’re a stranger so just be very casual with the touching..."
- Grungey
Well, tomorrow I'm off to Las Vegas for two and half weeks of fun, sun, and sin! I've got two Vegas programs with Asian brothers from all over the country (like Los Angeles, New York, etc) and EVEN from the other side of the world - Australia!

On another note, we here at the APB Team, try to provide a different array of possibly useful, practical, inspiring, though provoking, and many times controversial articles for your reading. I've had many freely volunteered articles by some well known Guest Writers and Pick Up Instructors like Spirit Fingers, Captain Jack, Matador, OCWaterBoy, and others like Gatsby.

I'm always looking for something good and solid, but also at the same time something that complements this blog. Something that enlightens us on a different topic of subject that I either don't specialize in or address in detail.

One of the regular contributers of exclusive content has been the Day Game Instructor of Captivate to Connect, Grungey. He's written many different and worthwhile articles exclusively for me which I am grateful for.

Furthermore, he's actually going to BE HERE IN DALLAS for the Day Game University Bootcamp in Dallas Texas (June 22-24). Alas, I'll be in Vegas, but I'm sure him and his students are going to take the Dallas college campuses by storm!

So without further ado, I give you Grungey's take on improving your A - Game (Approach & Attract)...

Five (5) Ways to “WOW” Women with Your Approach
by Grungey

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re really having the awesome vibe going on with a woman, but when you try to escalate things (Get her number, schedule a date, or get her back to your place) she says no?

Well you’re not alone. I was stuck in that same rut a couple of years ago. It can be frustrating. Sometimes you may even ask yourself why you keep screwing up.

The good news is that it’s not bad luck. It can be fixed most of the time. I’ve picked out some of the issues that need to be addressed when you’re doing day game pick ups. If you’re still not getting the results that you want then you might want to read this article over and over again.

All these tips are geared especially for day game...

I don’t want to keep you waiting, so let’s get down to the fun stuff

Don’t be creepy- Simple yet overlooked factor. Don’t put up a front and start being the “Pick up guy” or even worse “The Desperate Stalker”. It just won’t work. Just relax, take a deep breathe, and act normal. That’s the secret. Act normal. Picking up girls is less fancy than it really seems. First step is learning how to be social. Second is to be comfortable with being social. Third is being normal. Fourth is never forgetting the third rule.

Create the “Our world” vibe- You want to get her from “we just met” to “I feel like I’ve known this guy” mentality as fast as you can. Once you get to this point, you can easily get to know her and the other way around. The faster you can create the “Our world” vibe, the better off you are in the long run. I’ve discovered a couple of techniques you can do right from the beginning, in order to create this kind of environment. A couple of them are introducing you right off the bat, regression, and effective bond building tactics.

Respect her personal space- She needs to be comfortable at all times. Meeting women during the day time is totally different if you were to meet them in bars and clubs. There are several things that you need to adjust and one of them is personal space. You got to respect her personal space. Don’t sit too close to her too soon, it’s uncomfortable. Heck I feel uncomfortable when people do that to me.

Gear it down when it comes to touching her- Another area that you need to focus on. When you’re in bars and clubs, you can escalate things sexually almost right away. When you’re outside of bars and clubs there’s a huge trust factor that you need to take in consideration. They don’t know you. You’re a stranger so just be very casual with the touching. You should touch her just enough to communicate that you’re a touchy feely person.

Always lead- You got to be leading the interaction at all times. It’s one thing to know how to lead and another to know when to lead. You always have to be pushing the interaction forward. Pick up is like playing a video game; you have to go from stage to stage. You don’t want to be stuck in stage 1 forever. It’s very similar to sales; the only way to get the sale is to ask for it. Just go for the close (whether it’s getting her number, getting her on a date on the spot, or going for the kiss) in all you interactions. It really makes a big difference.

Let me ask ya this…

Have you ever seen a pick up gone wrong?

Let me suggest this…

Don’t be one of those guys that screw up. Ask a female friend the things that make her uncomfortable when she’s talking to a guy. Then make sure never to do those things.

Any comments? Suggestions? Shoot me a quick line at my e-mail.

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Signed, Asian Playboy


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