Sexual Anxiety: Guest Writing for Captain Jack

Is Sexual Anxiety Killing Your Results?

Local Dallas wingman and buddy of mine, Captain Jack, recently started up a blog and asked me to do an exclusive article for it. Not only has CJ guest written several articles for me, he's also one of The Mystery Method's newest instructors and helped me out during the One Day program with the D Magazine reporter.

Here are a few of his edifying guest bloggings:
  1. Captain Jack: Night Game Versus Day Game
  2. Captain Jack: I Have a Boyfriend and What That Really Means
  3. Captain Jack: Killing Approach Anxiety
Anyways, the topic he gave me was on Sexual Anxiety and Sexual Escalation (still to be written). I wrote something similar before called "Sexual Identity: Less Talk, MORE SEX!"

This is definitely an awesome subject for me to cover as I think it's one of the most common debilitating factors for most average Pick Up Artists but ESPECIALLY for Asian men.

So go over there and check it out!

Signed, Asian Playboy

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