[HELP WANTED] Open Technical/Media/Business Intern Positions in Expanding APB Team

Please e-mail your resume and a cover letter stating your desired position (Technical/Media Intern, Business Intern or both), qualifications, background and explaination as to WHY you should be accepted into the APB Team and how you believe we could benefit each other.

  1. GET PAID TO GET LAID: Travel to exotic locations (travel & business expenses paid from North America to international, holiday vacation spots around the world), wing with natural but skilled Pick Up Artists from the APB Team, meet beautiful women, and sleep with them.
  2. BUSINESS & PLEASURE: Travel will involve both business and enjoyment purposes like: Pick Up bootcamps, instructional training, business-related events, PUA related functions (ie Cliff's List and PUA Summits) and incentive/reward bonuses at top vacation/holiday spots around the world.
  3. HANDS ON TRAINING: Receive extensive training, personal tutelage, and hands on field work with The Asian Playboy himself and the entire APB Team as schedule, travel, and budget permits.
  4. INSIDER KNOWLEDGE: Learn intimate, hands-on, insider knowledge of the ABCs of Attraction: a versatile toolbox that includes natural, canned, indirect, direct, and advanced body language while emphasizing versaility, efficiency, and SEXUAL CONFIDENCE above all else.
  5. HELP OUT YOUR BROTHERS: The APB Team is also involved in developing field tested race coping strategies and furthering interracial dating.
  6. NETWORK: Opportunity to network and learn from other experts from around the world with different styles, methodologies and philosophies.
  7. FREE STUFF!: Receive free- cutting edge- products from different, dating/pickup expert companies as opportunity and supply presents itself.
  8. INCENTIVE BASED TO COMMISSION BASED: Potential (with commitment and dedication) to move from unpaid, incentive based T/M/B Intern to paid, commission based position as Instructing Intern and later Approach Coach.
  9. THE APB BRAND: Long term committment may entail the privelege to operate under the APB brand- a high quality, leading pick up service in a niche market- but ONLY after The Asian Playboy and the APB Team's final seal of approval.
  10. APB ALUMNI: Alumni applicants will be considered first above all other general applicants.










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