[FREE SOCAL LAIR SEMINAR] APB Alumni Networking Dinner in Los Angeles and New York

For my upcoming visits to Los Angeles and New York, I'll be flying in a day early to meetup with some of my former students and APB Alumni to have a small, informal, networking dinner.

Catch up with the brothers, see how they're doing, maybe give out a little advice, but also more importantly allow them to network with each other for social, business, as well as pick up contacts.

I'll also be doing a free lair seminar for an hour or two at the SoCal Lair like I did for the Vegas Lair. No sleazy sales pitch, just the real deal.
I'll also be taking out any brothers, like Newborn, whose last night was interrupted when YellowCab and I pulled for a double lay during the LA night session.

UPDATE [04-06-07]: Current potential speech topics of interest raised by Johnny Wolf of the SoCal Lair include:

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