[ANNOUNCEMENT] City Tours and International Date & Locations

[This policy page will no longer be updated for 2007. Please go to the new ABCs of Attraction homepage for current and up to date details with the Dating Coaches dedicated to EMPOWERING Asian American Men.]

he schedule has not been fully resolved at the moment (still juggling school/work schedule around the entire APB Team), but THIS summer, The Asian Playboy and the APB Team will be taking the ABCs of Attraction bootcamps on the road:



  1. Payment Options
  2. City/Country Tour Locations & Schedule
  3. Reserve Your Group Bootcamp Seat Now
  4. Contact Us for More Information


As we are trying to maintain a high quality student to instructor ratio of 2:1, I fully expect seats to be filled up fast. As these are Large Bootcamps, flight and accomodations are not necessary, but any assistance in either department will be met with my own personal gratitude.

The Early Bird Special ($100 off) as well as Tuition Payment Plan are also viable options for those of you eager to take a Group ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp, but are on a budget.

I'm also going to allow a discount of $100 off the Group Rate if Payment is received in full upon checkout (NOTE: The Early Bird Special & Prompt Payment Discount are not cumulative. Sorry, but international ticket prices are pretty steep!)

If for whatever reason (acts of God, war, and jealous girlfriend/strippers), we cannot meet those dates, you WILL receive your entire deposit back. So I give you tentative dates, to be finalized in the upcoming weeks.

Need help making a decision? Check these out:

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