[GRUNGEY] 7 Deadly Sins of Day Game

"In order get good with girls, you have to understand how they operate. That includes the things they think about, concerns, values, and etc. "
I'm off to the airport again so wish me luck that I can finally get my ass out of Vegas. In the meantime, some more Day Gaming wisdom from Grungey.

7 Deadly Sins of Day Game

What I’m about to tell you took me YEARS to figure out. It didn’t stop there. The hardest part of the equation, after discovering it, was to stop my old habits and put the new ones in to action. I’ve got pages full of this information, but for now I’ll share with you some of my favorites.

When it comes to Day Game, There is something in common with every unsuccessful guy out there. They are guilty of some of the DEADLIEST sins of day game.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer

Here they are...

Bad Timing

Timing is very important when trying to meet women during the day. I know there’s this rule wherein you have to approach a girl within 3 second of seeing her. I agree with this, but just not all the time. There are situations where you should wait a little longer and strike at the opportune moment. Doing this increases you chances of successfully meeting her by over 70%! Unbelievable right?!

Here are some pointers

* Stop and analyze the situation
* Ask yourself “can I talk to her for 5-15minutes without getting interrupted?
* Attack when you think you should

Here are some of times when you should NOT approach her

* She’s ordering food
* She’s already near the cashier
* She’s counting something
* She’s with a customer
* and a whole lot more

You have a better chance of succeeding when fewer interruptions occur. It’s possible to succeed even if there are tons of interruptions, but it takes a lot of effort and patience. Both do work, I’m just giving you the path of least resistance.

There’s a gray area too.

If she’s walking down the street, she could be in a hurry, but not necessarily. Instead of thinking about approaching her, just go. It’s better to just start walking towards her.

Ignorance to Social Energy

The energy you bring in to the interaction, is one of the factors, that determine how successful you becoming when it comes to Day Game.

There are 2 things you should keep in mind before you approach any girl.

#1- What’s the over all energy of the environment you are in

#2- What kind of energy is she projecting

If you’re in a bar or club, you can get away with super high energy, touching her right off the bat, and laying it on thick.

You will come across, as weird, every time you don’t match the energy of the interaction and the person. These must all be taken in consideration when before you start talking to that one girl.

If you’re in a library then tone it down

If you’re in a small lecture room then turn it down

If you’re in a busy “Fast Paced” street then turn it up

In other words, you just want to match the energy of the environment. It’s like manually looking for a radio station. In order to get the clearest signal, you should be in tune with the right station. If you’re over or below the desired radio frequency, even by just .5(MHz?) then it won’t be clear.

The same goes for social interactions. You must be in tune with the energy of the environment and the person you’re talking to.


Social pressure is something we feel every time the spot light is on us. Have you ever been on stage before? How did it feel the very first time you were on stage? Maybe it was a contest, speech, presentation, or play. Remember the feeling you had in the situation somewhere you had to talk or present something in front of a group of people. That feeling you felt is social pressure.

So imagine you’re all dressed up. You placed some nice clothes on, unique shoes, and you stand out. Of course you draw attention to yourself. You might be used to this pressure but most girls are not.

In order get good with girls, you have to understand how they operate. That includes the things they think about, concerns, values, and etc. I’ve been fortunate to grow up with 4 little sisters. In the process, I had no choice but to unconsciously be aware of their thought process and mannerisms. The reasons why they do what they do.

The moment you make her feel UNCOMFORTABLE then she’ll try her best to alleviate that feeling. That means, getting rid of you. So, if you draw attention to yourself, and you approach her, this might make her feel uncomfortable with the unexpected gush of emotions and attention she gets and that only means one thing.

It only gets harder for you to continue that interaction.

Let me ask ya this…

Are you guilty of the things I mentioned above?

Let me suggest this…

Make it a goal to improve on one of your weak points per week

Any comments? Suggestions? Shoot me a quick line at my e-mail.

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Signed, Asian Playboy

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