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Phone Testimonial: APB = Phone Coach Master! by Adamm

[UPDATE: This blog is no longer being updated. For the very best and very latest in my continuing (mis)adventures, techniques, results, and pictures, please go to my ABCs of Attraction Blog! Thanks and I'll see you on the other side! - JT]

"Overall, I rate APB's phone coaching session as a 10/10. It's almost too good. He is able to boil down the essentials of a full theory seminar into one phone call. If you have budget considerations... then a phone coaching session with APB can be just what you need to help take your game to the next level."

-Adamm (Oregon)
I'm currently absolutely exhausted. I had an Introductory Bootcamp with a bro from Oklahoma where I also pulled a girl into the bathroom for some hanky panky. Not to mention I pretty much have the official announcement with details of the 2nd Annual Dallas Workshop almost done. Seriously!

Anyways, I'm off to Denver, Colorado for a 1on1 Exclusive Mentorship with an Asian brother. I'll also be meeting up with alumni Oberion. Despite my tired state, I still got plenty of Whup Ass to go around.

And I'm proud to present my first testimonial/review of one of my phone coaching sessions. It was with Adamm whom I actually met at the 1st Annual (ALMOST) Free Dallas Workshop.

I had the great pleasure of receiving a phone coaching session this past weekend with APB.

The first thing I have to say is, APB has a passion and a love for helping others. This is the very first thing I noticed about him; in the writings in his blogs, in his email correspondence, and in his posts on seduction forums, especially Aznlover.com. Perhaps more than any other person in the seduction community, APB is strongly committed to the relationship and dating success of Asian/Asian American men. I mention this because there is absolutely no substitute for integrity and passion.

Second, while there are numerous, skilled seduction artists in the scene who are willing to coach you, very few if any are able to empathize with the unique experiences of Asian/Asian American men. APB has lived it, he has overcome racism, continues to face its challenges, and succeeds at a very high level. As a result, he is able to both acknowledge racist experiences, but also has concrete suggestions and techniques for overcoming them. Others may say: "racism is not a barrier, it is a limiting belief." It's easy to say this unless you've lived it; APB has lived it, and can realistically assess your situation as an Asian male.

Third, APB's knowledge is broad ranging and non dogmatic. The leading mainstream coaches are bound to a specific style, but APB is willing to integrate the best techniques and insights from multiple methods: direct and indirect. When APB coaches you, he gets right to the point: he distills the main points of his ABCDEF strategy so that he highlights each step in a very concise way. Finally, he will custom tailor a set of missions for you, based upon your current experience level and sticking points.

Finally, APB has the composure and objectivity, as well as the knowledge base, to help you succeed. Some coaches are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, but have a difficult time acting as mentors, for whatever reasons. Other coaches come across as compassionate and helpful, but lack the necessary field experience. APB has both the skillset, as well as the necessary patience to help you, without creating unnecessary anxiety.

APB designed some specific misssions for me to follow, and followed up with an email immediately afterwards so that it was crystal clear as to what I had to do. And this is without my asking. APB has a passion for this, and it shows at every step of the mentoring process.


Overall, I rate APB's phone coaching session as a 10/10. It's almost too good. He is able to boil down the essentials of a full theory seminar into one phone call. If you have budget considerations, and/or can't travel to a workshop, but are still interested in high quality personalized coaching, then a phone coaching session with APB can be just what you need to help take your game to the next level.

Adamm (Oregon)

PS: APB, if you are ever interested in visiting the pac northwest, I'd be happy to host you. We have a small but quite active lair up here and the members would be very interested in hearing you speak.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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Blogger Gatsby said...

Excellent. Well said.

10/20/2006 7:16 PM

Blogger Charlie said...

Ei! You have a nice site here. Aside from the 3-columns, you also have another column for the quotes. How do you do that?

10/24/2006 6:21 AM

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