How to Get Women on the Phone Every Time, Part 2

In part one of this series, I discussed the basics involved in getting a flake-free phone number from an attractive woman. Namely, in the ABCs of Attraction, you need to play solid Comfort & Connection game in order for her to become INVESTED in you as well as upping the Sexual Ante via Direct Interest.

Now, I'm going to discuss some SPECIFIC tactics that can help you out. HOWEVER, if you haven't established both the sexual interest as well as having her become invested in you, it won't save either a phone-close where you had attraction (ie by being Cocky & Funny) but never had her invest herself in you OR where you emotionally bonded, but had no attraction (ie Sexual Attraction or General Attraction).

So here are some tips that can give you some EXTRA help in case she's on the fence...

  1. Future Projection & Planning

  2. You should bring this up BEFORE you even get her number. Future Projection is a little bit more fanciful, almost to the point of roleplaying, "We're going to lay out in the beaches of the Bahamas... drink lots of rum... and have lots of sex on the beach." Future Planning is more specific. Again, try and choose something interesting. Intriguing. Different. Something that HOOKS her.

    Not some lame ass, "Yeah, we should get together" but more like, "We're going to have to go up to that great big Hollywood sign and touch it together under the moonlight." Specific even fanciful things that will percolate in the minds of women and keep her thinking and obsessing about you.

  3. Exchange Numbers / Screening Calls

  4. I always try and do an even exchange. She gets my number, I get her number. Even better, my specific method of getting a girl's number is simply having her GIVE me her phone and then I program my number AND NAME.

    Attractive women CONSTANTLY screen their calls. Hell, I screen my calls if I'm not expecting a phone call from a student or client. I tend to ignore numbers that I have no idea who they're from. Imagine a beautiful woman who's constantly being hit on. She gives out her number in order to be nice (even if there is attraction), but then ignores it if she doesn't recognize it.

    If you played SOLID game, she'll pick up instantly and be excited that you called. Otherwise, she may totally be digging you, but if she doesn't recognize the number, she'll let it go straight to voice message. And if you DIDN'T play solid game, you'll go straight to Voice Message anyways.

  5. Voice Message

  6. If you're getting a voice message, ALWAYS be prepared with what to say. If it's a voice message, leave something with a HOOK. Nothing outrageous, but something along the lines of, "Hey girl, it's me, you wouldn't BELIEVE what happened after you left. I just have to tell you about it. Give me a call."

    If she's already into you, she'll give you a call anyways. If she's on the fence, she just might be intrigued enough to answer. Again, if your game was not solid, it won't matter anyways.

To be continued...

Signed, Asian Playboy

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