How to Get Women on the Phone Every Time, Part 1

So you've become pretty good at approaching, holding a decent conversation, and getting the occasional number...

But then it's time to get her on the phone and you're unable to convert. She never picks up, she doesn't respond to your voice message, so what the heck is going on?

First, I'll address some general points of what you should be doing before you even GET her number...

  1. Comfort & Connection

  2. You have the initial attraction, but as everyone should have come to realize, Buying Temperature is a fickle mistress. It's short lived and it's transferable. In short, the attraction that she has for you starts rapidly fading the next morning or the next funny guy that comes up to receives all that BT you built up.

    Think about it, how many time in one day does an attractive woman laugh? She's got friends, she's got TV, she's got orbiters. Yes, most guys are AFCs, but a sense of humor only differentiates you from the good majority. It still doesn't truly make you unique to her. I'm not talking about simple comfort, but establishing a connection that, again, shows how unique you are to her and how much she'd miss out.

    In my ABCs of Attraction, after Buying Temperature (General Attraction) is C... Comfort AND Connection.

    Imagine, if you will, two cups. There's the Cocky & Funny Glass and the Comfort & Connection Glass. You can fill one to overflowing, but still leave her feeling either empty (there's no Connection) or unattracted (you're emotional, but devoid of a sensor of humor).

    There are plenty of ass clowns and jokers out there in addition to boring AFCs, it's the ones that give her those Doggy Dinner Bowl moments that are more rare. Grungey, for example, is REALLY good at building a Connection with a woman in addition to having the necessary attraction.

  3. Sexual Attraction

  4. Another problem might be that you're not building up that Sexual Attraction. Sexual Attraction starts off with the phase I like to call D... Direct Interest.

    Sure, sure you've got a sense of humor, you're speaking to her emotionally, but then you're the cool, fun guy. You're not necessarily the cool, fun guy that's also making her AROUSED either physically or mentally and emotionally.

    In Direct Interest, you're amping up the sexual vibe... the chemistry. You're letting her know that you're a MAN and that she's a WOMAN. It's not a simple platonic conversation (however funny it might have been) anymore, but one rife with sexual tension.

    OCWaterBoy is a prime example of creating that necessary Sexual Attraction via Direct Game.

If you have these things down... where she feels that you are truly unique and attractive... and that you're a sexual being who's giving her "funny feelings down there..." then SHE'LL WANT TO CALL YOU!

It's a heady one-two punch when achieved.

That's how to achieve TRUE anti-phone flaking.

But, in the continuation of this series, I'll talk about some actual techniques that can help with preventing phone flaking before you get her phone number as well as after getting her number. These won't help you out if you haven't played solid game as I outlined, but it just might help tip things in your favor if she's on the fence.

To Be Continued...

Signed, Asian Playboy

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