The Importance of a Vulnerability Story

Everyone needs this in their repertoire. Cocky & funny/playful comes pretty naturally to me, but when it comes down to revealing something about yourself, something you don't normally share with other people, that let's the girl know not only something about YOU but also how you're connecting with HER.

I'm not saying memorizing someone else's story (though I suppose you COULD if you wanted to), it should definitely be your own. You're going to be so much more congruent with it than anyone else will. It could be anything, so long as it's YOURS and it shows a sensitive, vunerable side to you.

My (True) Story:
Have you ever had a true friend? That you hung out with all the time and could trust with your money and your life? That best friend that you'll stick with for the rest of your life?

Well, my buddy and I traveled Europe together for over a month. Originally there were 6 of us in London, but they couldn't do the entire trip. So it was me and this guy and we met up with another friend in Rome, but he could only stay until Berlin.

So for the majority of the time, it was me and this guy. We're in trains together, seeing new sights, meeting strange people, partying at clubs, and all that. Basically we're in each other's pockets 24/7.

You'd think we'd get sick of each other right?

Nah, it's like... it's like when two guys go to WAR together.

[Said with a smile since the girl won't be expecting that kind of metaphor]

At first we were pretty good friends, but we form this silent bond because you're eating, drinking, and fighting side by side with him. He's your brother, your best friend, and when the chips are down, you're stuck in some dark alley with some SERIOUSLY pissed off Croatians, you know he's got your back. And you've got his.

If I'm sleeping in the street in Amsterdam, he's right there beside me. If I'm lost somewhere in the middle of Spain, he's right there beside me. He's the guy you can depend on in your wildest, craziest, and darkest hour and he knows he can depend on you.

And when he left to fly back to the States and I stayed to tour Denmark and Sweden, I was sitting in the train all by myself for 7 straight hours.

I felt...

I felt like I had lost my brother.

At which point, expect to get the "AWWWWW! that's soooooooooooooo sweet!!!"