[TIPS] How To Take Off A Woman's Bra

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If you, like so many other guys, are having trouble removing this sexy but fiendishly complex accoutrement, here is a simple, yet effective way to take off a woman's bra:

I take off a woman's bra just like a woman would take off her own bra.

In other words, I casually slip one shoulder strap off and then the next one as I nibble her shoulder and arms. Obviously, if it's a strapless bra, this step can be skipped... but why would you want to miss out on nibbling on her shoulders? The world may never know.

I pull her in close, laying kisses on her neck and reach behind to the rear strap and MOVE IT TO THE FRONT in a clockwise (or counter clockwise if that's the way you swing) fashion.

Lay down some kisses from her neck down to her cleavage, presto, bingo bango, metal clasp comes undone before my eyes and nimble fingers.

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Signed, Asian Playboy

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