Everything You Wanted to Know About "iGame: From Text to Sex" but Were Afraid to Ask!

I've been in Community for well over 6 years now. Call me a grizzled old veteran who matriculated during the Project Hollywood days, but I've seen some of the best in action as well as the worst charlatans out there. Having been around the block quite a few times, there isn't much about Game that I don't know. And what I don't know, usually isn't worth knowing about.

Except for one chink in my armor: phone and text game. I always did low investment style texting, what I called "Text Message Carpet Bombing", which suited my jet-setting, globe-trotting lifestyle. And I also recently got onto Facebook like 6 months ago. So in addition to Facebook, my phone and text game was so 2005, definitely the 1.0 version, old technology.

That is until I met Gareth Jones, whom I've been training over the past year and has graduated to become a Certified Coach in addition to our long term training program, The 12 Weeks of Fury.

Gareth is also, and I say this having met the top guys in our industry, the BEST phone & text message pick up artist I have EVER had the pleasure of seeing. Seriously, the magic he does on the phone is MIND BLOWING. I have never seen a single human being like him get as many naked pictures through the magic of his cellphone as he does. It's awe-inspiring how he gets girls turned on.

This is version 2.0 stuff, what we're calling iGame: From Text to Sex.

Recently, we put up some bootleg videos of some of the new phone/text/facebook pick-up technology, which is light years ahead of everyone else. We've been getting tons of questions to the point that I convinced Gareth to dedicate a column to answering everything related to phone, text, and Facebook game.
  1. Don't know when to call the girl? Ask Gareth Jones!
  2. Don't know what to say to her? Ask Gareth Jones!!
  3. Don't know what to text? Ask Gareth Jones!!!
You get the idea. Submit your questions here and good ol' Gareth will get right to it!

What do you have to lose? It's free advice from THE Best Phone & Text PUA out there!

Free advice to ANY questions asked!

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