Join Johnny Soporno and I in Vegas!

Vegas, baby, Vegas! It's literally been OVER a year since I've been back to Sin City.

Now while I will be teaching my own Exclusive 1on1 Mentorship there, another incredible event by reknown sex expert and porn star seducer extraordinare Johnny Soporno is being held: The AVN Convention and Soporno's How to Attract Porn Stars weeklong event!

Even our very own Johnny Wolf (read about his awe-inspiring Threesome Lay Report with HBPorn) was interested in seducing these professional beauties and picked up a few tips from Soporno himself.

So if you've ever vaguely entertained the thought of attracting porn stars, then you have to check out Soporno's Worthy Playboy workshop at the AVN Convention this week!

Who knows, I might even stop by for a special guest star appearance...


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