Asian Lemming Syndrome

Are you focusing solely on academics and career in the hopes that you'll get the girl "after you're successful?"
Does your family discourage you from expressing your individuality?
Do your parents forbid you from meeting girls?
Then you might have Asian Lemming Syndrome.
Lemmings are a race of curious creatures. They'll follow each other in an organized single file line for miles and miles on a long and arduous journey, right up to the water's edge and drowning to death -- just because that's what the guy directly in front of him did.

Asian Americans who have Asian Lemming Syndrome are also a race of curious creatures. They'll follow each other in a single file line just as lemmings do, often to very un-remarkable ends.

Once upon a time, a Chinese man worked his ass off in a "stable" job-- never "taking risks," and never "standing out." Never "causing a fuss." That Chinese man probably succeeded in getting his family out of poverty using this strategy (the same strategy that his father used before him), because that's what worked in China. Back in those days, that's how you got ahead.

That man also did what all other men did before him in the world of romance. He put academics and his profession first, didn't bother learning or practicing any social skills, and practically ignored all women around him. In his day and age, there was no need for that because the women of that time period mostly cared if a man could provide a "stable" income. Academics and a "stable" job were considered attractive.

That's what all men before him did, so he followed them, just like a lemming.

Then, that man had a son. The son spent part of his life in Asia, grew up in a traditional Asian household in China, but then moved to the US. When he became a father, his son was born a US citizen. While rasing that son, he too followed his father's way of life. He got himself a "stable" job.

He chose the profession of accounting/law/medicine/engineering/computers because all he needed to do to get the girl was to have a "stable" job in China. Now that he had moved to the US, he continued to do the only thing he knew-- to continue working in a "stable" job here in the US. After all, that's what his father did before him.

When the son came of age, he was continually pressured by his parents to focus strictly on academics and to ignore all forms of socializing. "Get a stable job first, then look for a wife!" The son was on the same doomed trajectory has his father, and his grandfather, not realizing that he was about to succumb to Asian Lemming Syndrome.

Here in the US, following the lemmings before him will only result in disaster. Employers here value individuality, and look down on "hard workers." Even worse, guys who haven't discovered their individuality and uniqueness are LEAST ATTRACTIVE to women. Guys who don't "stand out" are forever doomed to be in the friend zone.

This son is like the lemming who has run up to the waters edge and is about to plummet to his death in the waters below.
Then you might have Asian Lemming Syndrome.

Do you believe that you don't need to get good with women, and that they'll "just come to you" after you've gotten the promotion to Vice President of the company you're working for? You already have a full blown case of Asian American Lemming Syndrome.

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