My 4 Year Blog Anniversary: "There Is Still Light"

In 2004, I started my journey on the road to holistic pick-up, turning myself not only into a pick-up artist, but also improving myself into a better, self-actualized man. It's been a long journey and one that I've documented countless times here on this blog that I started on May 28, 2005 when I moved to Dallas titled, "In the Beginning... There was Light..."

What started me on the path of professional pick-up was when I held what was probably the biggest FREE bootcamp in all history when I successfully ran- with Prophet (a former Mystery Method instructor)- an infield bootcamp with some 30 to 40 students, for free.

Shortly thereafter, I was convinced by a Chinese Canadian mother to help her son out who had been assaulted by Neo-Nazis. Unlike other Pro PUAs you'll find, I never started professionally with the intent to make money. I just wanted to have fun, help my brothers, and somewhere along the way people just started paying me.

Later, I started up the ABCs of Attraction company, recruited and trained various coaches, taught on 5 continents, 20 cities, and help transform houndreds if not thousands of Asian men ranging from the young and old, skinny and fat to the virgin and experienced. Some things that I've accomplished in the last 4 years are:
and- oh yeah-
And all along the way this blog has for four years, published 700 posts, 100 podcasts, several videos, reached 2 million hits, maintained a free forum, and has always remained 100% free! Nowhere on this planet will you find a larger repository of FREE advice, field reports, tactics, and lifestyle self-improvements for the Asian men and other ethnic minority men.

So I present to you here, loyal readers, the FOURTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE ASIAN PLAYBOY BLOG!


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