[PUA RADIO PODCAST] Ask The Asian Playboy! 12/26/07

On this week's episode (12/26/07):
Introducing ABC's PUA Radio!

Do you want an easier way to get PUA advice without having to sift through hundreds of lengthy lay reports in an online forum?

Ever wish there was a way to talk to like-minded PUAs and get FREE ADVICE, right over the phone, right away?

Look no further-- PUA RADIO is here!

Click here to listen to PUA Radio!

As part of our commitment of excellence to our dedicated fans, we are proud to introduce PUA Radio- a fully interactive multimedia service for the ABCs of Attraction, to our Asian/Ethnic constituency, and for the Pick Up Artist Seduction Community.

Each PUA radio episode features:

* Tips on how to improve your game: Everything from your initial approach all the way to taking your dream girl to the bone zone.
* Testimonials: Real life experiences from real PUAs. (Want to give your testimonial? Email us at puaradio@abcofattraction.com)
* Uncut, uncensored, unadulterated advice: We won't make you click through 5 web pages, only to get to a google checkout page asking you for money.
* Live, right-on-the-spot advice: Dial directly into the podcast from 9:00pm - 9:15pm (Eastern Standard Time) @ 212-255-2898
* Mailbag: Got questions for us, but don't want to talk live? No problem! Send in your questions to puaradio@abcofattraction.com
* Props to Quality, Man Cannon , and Night Job for conceiving and implementing this brainchild.

This is YOUR podcast, so feel free to let us know what you'd like to hear more of (or less of)!

Call us every Wednesday, 9:00pm - 9:15pm (EST) @ 212-255-2898!!

Click here to listen to PUA Radio!


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