Dear Asian Playboy...

Since I've been getting quite a few questions and requests lately, I've decided to start doing some Q&A blogging. If you have some sort of question, please ask on our ABCs of Attraction forums. Thanks.

First up...

Asian Playboy, I was reading your blog and had a question. Would you agree that it is not even worth trying pick up white girls in California?

What I mean is that the effort is not even worth the benefit.When I was in Europe, I had sex with a girl in Berlin and kissed several other girls in some hostels I stayed it.

It was not easy but it was not hard either. It just felt natural because the girls liked me, and I could tell they liked me. Here in California, I just think the overall environment is very negative for Asian guys.

I don't think it's even worth going through all the effort just to get a kiss here, or sex there. I think it's better to just leave California altogether where Asian guys are more respected. That to me means Europe!

To T,

I'm not going to dispute the fact that (for many reasons) interracial dating for the Asian American Male is difficult. I think, however, you are approaching the problem with a distinctly weak and defeatist attitude.

By your logic, you shouldn't even be going to Europe, you should be traveling back to the motherland, Asia. In Europe, you'll pretty much be on equal keel (give or take depending on circumstances and locales), but in Asia, you'll generally be given a higher status because, at least when I went over, it's obvious who is Asian Asian and who's Asian American by dint of better dress style, grooming, musculature, and physical looks. I had waitresses and store clerks in fits of blushing and giggling wherever I walked.

But let's just look at Europe for now. Don't think of Europe as a panacea, a magic bullet, my lost friend. Yes it's easier, but if you can't get laid in America and you can't make friends in America, you're still going to be facing the same difficulties in Europe. Zero Game in America still translates into Zero Game in Europe. You actually have to have SOME game in order to utilize the European/Asian multiplier.

I suggest taking the current time you have in America as well as your obvious intensity and desires to IMPROVE everything about yourself. If you want to have the woman of your dreams, you have to be the man of her's. This includes the obvious things like improved grooming, style, and physical health as well as widening your horizons in hobbies, entertainment, music, politics and literature.

The majority of Europeans I socialized with were, obviously very cool to party with, but also highly cultured and opinionated. They knew about our political system, international monetary policy, and highly adept about discussing the merits of Christmas versus Easter beer. If all you can talk about are technobabble gadgets, anime, and what you had for lunch... you ain't going anywhere, son.

Don't be like Winston Wu. He went to Russia, hooked up with some Russian chicks, felt like a studly king, and then came back with nothing... to nothing.