[ADVICE] Ask The Asian Playboy #2: Questions


So ever since the podcasts (like Fallout Central, Dean, Nick Shane, Pickuppodcast, etc) and the Pre-Summit Teleconference, my mailbag has been absolutely FULL of questions just waiting to burst forth. So a shout-out to the different podcast crews and Vince Kelvin!

Due to my limited schedule, I've only been able to hit up a few replies here and there, but because I'm in a good mood, I'm going to hit up the next SIX (6) series of questions. Here are the QUESTIONS and tomorrow, before I fly to Los Angeles, I'll provide my advice, techniques, and personal philosophies. So stay tuned!

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Go ahead and feel more than welcome to throw in YOUR opinions or questions while I let the questions marinate in my brain.

First, we have...

By S.G.

How is your program different than Mystery's or Venusian Arts? Also, the rationale behind what the community says is that your demonstrated popularity with routines to women and their groups will overcome any shortcomings a guy has regarding his looks, status, or money. I have yet to see any guy (including major PUAs) do anything miraculous like that so I'd thought I'd ask.

By F. from New York City

So there seems to be a lot about peacocking in your blog. My trouble is with a response to a comment I get on whatever I'm wearing. If someone says, "hey nice watch", what would be a good response? Something like "hey thanks" kind of closes the conversation doesn't it?
By J.S. from Aznlover.com
Hey APB -

Just want to clarify something.

I know on your site that you say that AMs shouldn't "obsess" over the IR disparity or how AMs are depicted in the media, etc. since such things will only be a "mental barrier" with regard to socializing/picking up girls, and I totally agree with that.

But at the same time - I would like to clarify that when you mean "get over it" - that you don't mean that the Asian-Am community shouldn't be fighting for better media representation, etc. (like what Yul Kwon is doing), esp. in the light of many young Asian-Ams with self-esteem or identity issues (which can range from depression, opting for surgery or something as seemingly benign as preferring the idealized white partner - something that you, yourself, have admitted to have undergone when you went thru your big breasted, blonde phase).

And along the same lines (since the change, for the better, in the media portrayal of AMs is going to take some time) - the importance for the Asian-Am community to NOT let these images affect them by understanding that they are artificial projections.

Btw, I have to disagree with your statement that it is only a "little harder" for AMs in the dating scene (yeah, I know you have to be positive for your audience/potential clients).

I would say that AMs who fit the stereotype of being the skinny, short geek have a significantly tougher time (more than skinny, short geeky WMs) since people (including some AFs), in general, don't want to be associated with the negative AM stereotype (after all, you yourself, had stated that you had to game "better, harder and faster" - due to others not taking you as serious as a threat as an AM - and yeah, not being tall doesn't help, tho such things can be overcome by having better attributes in other areas).

However, the level of difficulty lessens for AMs who are better looking, taller, stronger builds, etc. - where AMs who are the epitome of the male ideal don't really face any hurdles (unless it is on the internet) since no one is going to mistake them for the stereotypical AM and thus, there isn’t the danger of being associated with it (plus, there's a premium on attractiveness since only a small % of people are really very attractive).

By T. from Hong Kong


Hows it going? I was browsing u're blog and its some seriously good stuff. Just wondering by any chance if you ever workshop in Hong Kong? If so please drop me a line I'd be keen on signing up. I'm an chinese-australian working in Hong Kong, I moved over to Oz when I was 5 and just came back recently.

Signed, Asian Playboy


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