Asian Feminists Do The Asian Playboy

Heh, looks like there's some fallout from the Fallout Central shoutout to Brand Moi.

Over at Racialicious, one reader had this to say in her comments section...
Looks like Asian Playboy’s touted smooth charisma doesn’t quite hold up in the written arena. I’m guessing that written communication, love letters and romantic poetry, aren’t part of the coursework. It’s more of a hands-on approach, I suppose.

What some refer to as “the Community” is what I refer to as Remedial School: No Penis Left Behind.

Yes I do see the nominal idealism and perhaps even the utilitarian necessity of such a program: there are plenty of men for whom five thousand years of patriarchy have been an insufficiant headstart, an insufficiently tilted landscape, to figuring out how to rig the rules of the game, especially when a degree of female agency is introduced into the equation. Must be tough.

Okay all snark aside, great job, Carmen, you always manage to say in flow, even in the weirdest riptides.


While over at Reappropriate had a much longer, more impartial observation:
... I think that almost anything that promotes a message of racial self-confidence and self-esteem is a positive amongst racially oppressed minorities. Asian American men, like Asian American women, and like people of other oppressed identities are highly predisposed by today’s American culture to suffer from racial insecurity, and anybody that sends the message that we need to be more comfortable in our skin gets a stamp of approval from me.

That being said, just as Carmen started to get squirmy, so did I at the mention of APB and a “men’s movement”. As a feminist, the concept of an Asian Playboy leading a “men’s movement” makes me very apprehensive...
While I just responded with the suggestion that...
Well, I certainly never claimed nor desired to be politicized. Every guy that gets into this has his own personal reason ranging from trying to lose his 24 year old (not by choice) virginity to getting someone special to a flow blown player lifestyle.

I don’t judge because those kinds of lifestyle decisions are up to each man and his consciousness. Anyways, I wrote this on the Racialicious blog, so I’ll post it here as well..

“I think in order to effectively discuss that particular subject is to separate the Asian American aspect from the feminism movement.

But to put forth some food for thought, I give you an Honors Thesis of one of your fellow feminist whose brother is in the Community.

She examines the history and philosophy of the movement through the lens of feminism, et al.

"Picking Up and Acting Out: Politics of Masculinity in the Seduction Community"
-by Elana Clift

Signed, Asian Playboy


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