How Interracial Dating, Pick Up, and Seduction Is Different for Asian Men (Part 3)

In the interest of building up a constructive dialogue, I will also provide my own solutions- or at least workarounds- that have worked for me for some of the common factors that I see in non-Asian women.

Again, your milage may vary.


So, first of all, I believe and have witnessed the following external factors (outside of one's control) that have a direct impact on IR dating (specifically Asian Males):

1. Female De-Selection due to Ignorance - In my experience having hooked up with predominantly white women and debriefed them, it is VERY rare for them to have ever dated- much less kissed or fully hooked up with- an AM. It is, from what I can tell, NOT due to racism or prejudice, simply LACK of opportunity and exposure and an automatic de-selection that places AMs "out of the running."

Women create a sexual template or blueprint, if you will, based on a large part on their past history and experiences with men. Their first kiss. The man they lost their virginity to. Their first love.

All those play a factor in those guys she's drawn to. Having limited to no experience with AMs, I've also heard remarks like:

"Well, as a white woman, I always thought Asian Men only dated Asian Women."

"Asian Men don't approach me so I thought they were never attracted to me."

SOLUTION: I've found that these women simply have to be INTRODUCED to the idea of a sexual, interracial connection. Simply TALKING to them with casual, general Verbal Game is not enough, in my opinion. Sexual Attraction, through both kino, body language, as well as erotic/romantic verbal conservation & framing, is essential if you don't want her to automatically frame you as a non-sexual entity.

I believe there's also a concept referred to as ATTAINABILITY and I think this directly plays a part in this aspect. You have high value and generated her attraction to you... Now you need to let her know she REALLY DOES HAVE A SHOT WITH YOU.

A generic example is when you've done too much C&F, negging, or simply told really great stories, but never really let her interact. She may like you, but she may conclude you aren't interested in her beyond being engaging and friendly.

An example of possible solutions would be talking about other women and girlfriends you've been with (hitting that Pre-Selected by Women switch) as well as being Socially Proofed by different, attractive women helps as well. I've also found that mentioning how beautiful interracial babies are or other common examples of IR symbols in society helps.

ROUTINE/STORY: I also have one story I like to tell, quite real, about how my mom FINALLY relented to me seeing all these non-Asian women just last year. Ten years too late mom, but thanks! It's funny and shows a certain closeness with dear old mum.

The caveat being that you don't want to come off as BRAGGING or HITTING HER OVER THE HEAD.

It does requires a certain amount of subtlety to avoid coming off as self-absorbed or chasing her before she's earned it or worse, interested only in her status of being white.


Signed, Asian Playboy

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