How Interracial Dating, Pick Up, and Seduction Is Different for Asian Men (Part 2)

Previously in Part 1, I hope I've both INTRODUCED and CONVINCED you, dear Reader, that there IS- however insignificant to the gargantuan- SOME sort of difference when it comes to a White Male picking up a X(Insert race)-Female versus a X(Non-white)-Male picking up a White Female.

If you remain unconvinced, feel free to move on as I cannot and will neither belabor the minute details nor the impossible obstacles. Let it simply be said that there is SOME difference, good or bad, when it comes to interracial pick up.

Of course, if you fall in the category of the blessed few who were born with all the necessary attributes of successful Game WITHOUT having to consciously learn it, feel free to ignore me as even a high level of RAW GAME would easily dismiss the nuances of interracial pick up.

Or to be more specific, an AVERAGE man of non-Caucasian ancestry must face a different playing field when it comes to pick up, seducing, dating and bedding a Caucasian woman.

For now, and I'll address other racial backgrounds later, let's deal with Asian men. In my experience, the interracial pickup limitations- both real and imagined- falls under two categories:
  1. INTERNAL: What you BELIEVE and what you were TAUGHT (or not taught). In Pick Up & Seduction Community terms, these are called either affirmations or limiting beliefs. In common parlance, it's called ignorance or on the far end, CONFIDENCE. It could be making mountains out of mole hills, the sheer lack of knowledge, or believing in a better YOU.

  2. EXTERNAL: These are factors that you have NO control over. The cop that'll pull you over because you don't "belong." The biker wants to kick your ass because you're invading his territory. Your height and muscles (or lack therof). It's also the real life tactics of befriending the bouncer before shit happens as well as positioning yourself in an advantageous spot or even simply avoiding putting yourself in such an anti-racial position.
Both have their extremes.

To give an example, on one extreme of the Internal side, you have someone freshly moved to America that simply has NO IDEA of what it takes to be successful with American women (ie utterly ignorant) BUT willing to take EXTERNAL action to further their lifestyle.

In both my experience and through journalistic empirical evidence of Asian American sexual habits, FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat) are MORE sexually successful than Asian Americans IF they speak ENGLISH at an above average level. They may lack the EXTERNAL skills commonly associated with pick up and dating, but they also lack the INTERNAL LIMITATIONS that many Asian American Males impose ON THEMSELVES.

The other extreme, and I've seen this many times, is the Asian American Male who has MANY of the EXTERNAL attributes that would contribute to his success (height, looks, born in the USA, money, etc), yet simply WILT under the pressure of talking, gaming, and pursuing women. He may have the EXTERNAL capabilities, but he lacks the INTERNAL belief structure.

In the following posts, I hope to explore and address both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL factors that relate to Interracial Pick Up, Dating, and Seduction.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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