[VIDEO] Beauty and the Geeks with Pick Up Artist Niels Hoven

Well, it looks like this season of B&G is going to be a good one. It premieres tonight (Wednesday 8pm) with lots of good buzz and, thankfully, a lot more blonde, big breasted women. Last two seasons only had one blonde bombshell and now we've got nothing but fake titty stripper action! Booyah!

Anyways, we've got one Asian dude, Piao, who's only ever kissed one girl. Prime candidate for a bootcamp. And then Niels Hoven, an electrical engineer with a perfect SAT score. Curiously, it appears Niels is a "Art of Attraction/PU101" instructor. I don't know the timeframe, but it sort of looks like he was still a nerd coming into B&G and then later became a PUA afterwards, but I could be wrong.

Oh, and the rumormill has it that there is some raunchy sex action going on. Now here are some pictures, videos, and links for your reading pleasure...

Niels Hoven & Jenny Lee
Niels Hoven and Jenny Lee

Piao & Sheree
Piao and Sheree from Beauty and the Geeks

Video Interviews of Niels and Piao

Niels Hoven's Personal/PUA Blog

Signed, Asian Playboy

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