[DEC 9 - 10 ANNOUNCEMENT] 2nd Annual Dallas Lair Workshop


Prophet, former Mystery Method Instructor, and Asian Playboy, independent Pick Up Coach, will be holding the 2nd Annual (Almost) Free Dallas Workshop during the 2nd weekend of December.

In addition to the awesome program we held last year, we’re upping the ante by flying in guest Professional Instructors, including Spirit Fingers the head instructor from theApproach, and other Assistant Coaches from around the country in our 2006 theme, “Pick Up Artists Without Borders.”

This will be bigger, better, and badder than last year’s legendary program!


Last years 1st Annual (Almost) Free Dallas Workshop was a ground breaking success that has done in legendary Texas Lair lore. Charging a mere $20 to cover club costs, we held a full four hour lecture with four hour in field.

We pushed the envelope on what aspiring PUAs can expect from a high quality Lair workshop. Some highlights included:

You can read what the attendees and others had to say under Dallas Lair Reviews:



Unfortunately, due to the expensive and difficult nature of reserving an entire VIP floor of a four story club for forty single guys, it simply isn’t feasible (logistically or economically) to hold such a massive field session for free anymore.

So we’re going to implement some new, but exciting changes while still providing quality instructing. We’re pushing the limit even further by including additional value and a selection of different programs.

This year’s theme will be “PUAs Without Borders.” We embrace all pick up styles that work without involving Community politics. To that end, we are flying in instructors and assistant coaches of varying, but field proven, styles from all over the country.


We will be having two programs on the 2nd weekend of December:

For more detailed information including syllabus breakdown, price, schedule and other questions, please go to my blog at:


Seats are limited for both programs and we will be taking on a waiting list. Those who have already RSVPed will be contacted shortly by a Professional Instructor. Sign up for either event at:



Asian Playboy and Prophet


Prophet is a former Mystery Method Instructor and bona fide expert at Indirect Verbal Game. Residing on the East Coast, he has embarked on several self-designed missions to push him to the peak of his Game including, but not limited to, “The # a Day Challenge”, “The 1000 Approaches in 60 Days Challenge”, and “The 20 New Openers a Day Challenge.”

Asian Playboy is an independent Pick Up Coach having studied under many different masters and styles. APB concentrates on working with (but is not limited to) minorities and he teaches highly personalized, intense bootcamp s around the country. His students range from not only all of North America, but overseas as well. He was also a guest speaker at Cliff’s List 2006 Convention.


In May of 2006, D Magazine (a mainstream Texas publication) profiled both Prophet and Asian Playboy where a reporter followed them during a successful pick up program.

Spirit Fingers is the head instructor for theApproach, a Natural Game dating and pick up company based in Boston. He is also the writer of the popular “Sexual Revolution” ebook that can instruct any man on how to master his sexual prowess and give your woman an amazing experience that can’t be found elsewhere.