World Class PUA Bootcamp for Under $1000!!!

You know, I have a love/hate relationship with writing these things for you because I always have such good news for you, but I hate spreading it out across the vast regions of the Internet!

I made a SERIOUS mistake. I mean we're talking about a HUGE SNAFU that has "negative" impact on me, but a seriously positive one on YOU.

Basically because of big mix-up in scheduling and personnel juggling, our bootcamp schedule has had a VERY significant alteration going down. Don't worry, none of the dates are changing, though. This alteration, however, is going to present you with an amazing opportunity, unmatched in the entire history of the ABCs Of Attraction. This change will also ensure that you get the most bang for your buck and the most experience under your belt with the least amount of effort.

As of right now, due to the scheduling conflict, I will be teaching a certain number of Certified Bootcamps instead of our normal Certified Instructors. Basically the head office is just swamped with work and we need all hands working the office while, well, quite frankly I'd rather be out in the field with you guys!

Now, many other Pickup companies do things like this as an excuse to jack up prices on programs that people have already signed up for! I've even seen the bait-and-switch done where guys show up for the bootcamp to a different instructor than they were promised, being charged more money than before! This is absolutely unacceptable and just because I've had new life breathed into me by the recent honor of being named Best Asian Pick Up Artist in the World (THREE-PEAT BABY!), does NOT mean that you should be charged more money!

To put it as clear as day, I- Asian Playboy- will be instructing the following $975 Certified Bootcamps here on out and NOTHING ELSE is changing about them!
  1. (2 SEATS LEFT!) NEW YORK: Certified Bootcamp (October 2010)
  2. (2 SEATS LEFT!) TORONTO: Certified Bootcamp (November 2010)
  3. SEATTLE: Certified Bootcamp (November 2010)
Not the cost, not the location, not the time and certainly not the syllabus! We promise!

This is NOT a marketing ploy; we made a massive scheduling error and I am owning up to it by stepping up to the plate, biting the bullet, and teaching them myself!

It's not a bait and switch however, as we WILL be honoring the price of $975 versus the normal bootcamp price which is almost DOUBLE. In other words, you can get one of the World's Greatest Asian Pick Up Artists of 2009 for almost 50% of the price, but only if you act NOW.

This is an exciting opportunity because it is the LAST New York Bootcamp of the year. But not only that, because of a scheduling and personnel mix-up, I will be teaching it instead of one of the normal Certified Instructors. So not only will you be taught by the direct master, William the Better Asian Man, but also your very own friendly, neighborhood, and three time reigning PUA champ, Asian Playboy!!!

You're getting the TWO world-class instructors for 50% off the price of one! THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

At no other time can you get a PUA of my caliber at such an inexpensive price. So if you're interested, our Certified Bootcamps are 3 day and 2 night of intense HARD WORK and HARD PLAY. Put down your deposit now and get your pre-bootcamp package that will put you on the ground floor of success!


So sign up now:
Like I said, I love sharing AMAZING news like this and I cannot stress what an INCREDIBLEopportunity this is for you! Head over to our list of bootcamps here: to see the other programs available!

Thanks for reading and we'll see you soon!

Empower Yourself,
JT "the Asian Playboy" Tran
Contact Me: 1-888-689-GAME (4263)

P.S. Be one of the lucky ones and join us in one of these upcoming cities: Los AngelesTorontoSeattleSydneyNew York and London (2011)!


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