3 Natural Game Tips with James Marshall & Asian Playboy

Ready to go Au Natural, gentlemen?

It’s that time again. Here's the next speaker in our Educational Outreach Series is a master of natural game who will give you some great advice on how to attract women without overdosing on routines. While at the Australian PUA Summit (Master Class Tour) in Sydney, I had the opportunity to hang out and interview one of Australia's top attraction coaches, James Marshal.

In this episode, Melbourne's James Marshal from www.thenaturallifestyles.com shows you that the REAL secret to seducing a woman can be found within her. James will unload a few quick tips on how to reach a woman’s SECRET attraction triggers and how to find her “core motivations,” by just asking a few questions.

He will also share his CROSSROADS secret, which will immediately give you options on how to deal with the information a woman gives you during an interaction.

So without further ado:

Notice how James downplays the idea that excessive conversation is the only way to seduce a girl. This should come across as refreshing for all the guys out there who complain that barraging girls with stacked material makes them feel phony.

His advice also jibes nicely with the way we run things over her at the ABCs of Attraction. Though we definitely embrace the concept of natural material, we are EXTREMELY dedicated to showing men how to attract women with a well-developed, holistic gameplan that encompasses your Inner Game, Outer Game, and Verbal Game.

In our top-rated bootcamps, we not only teach you the structure of the game; we work with you personally to develop the attitude and aura that naturally attracts women, making your pickups smoother and more comfortable for YOU.

Find out how the ABCs of Attraction can spice up your live life when I arrive once again to transform your life with Holistic Game during the Special Sydney Bootcamp in July 2010!

And don’t forget to visit James at www.thenaturallifestyles.com!

P.S. Future amazing gurus in our ABCs of Attraction Educational Outreach Video Series include Redpoleq Pickupasia and Alex Coulson from Succeed at Dating.

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