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Fellow mastermind of the revolutionary long-term training program known as the 12 Weeks of Fury, here with some AWESOME new resources (30 minutes of awesomeness to be exact) for you!
"Remember, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT PHONE AND TEXT GAME IS WRONG! Do NOT listen to ANYONE else about phone and text game.

It's wrong. Wrong! WRONG!!!"
-Gareth Jones
I’ve always been a huge phone and text guy. While I'm solid in-set compared to ANY pick up artist you care to name (read The Adventures of Gareth Jones and Asian Playboy with pictures for a graphic demonstration and blow-by-blow of our said awesome prowess), I say this with absolutely no arrogance, but rather with complete honesty and unabashed FACT...

I can out game ANYONE using the phone.  And I mean ANYONE. There isn't a SINGLE person IN the industry or OUT of it that's BETTER than me.

Doubt my lofty claims? Read on, mcduff!

After getting a girl’s number, I very rarely went on first dates and preferred to simply turn a girl on so much that she would just come over to my place and release all that tension that has been built-up.

I spent hours online comparing what I knew and what I’d had great successes with to the stuff that people were putting online and what I found may shock some of you: IT WAS ALL CRAP. To be honest, the Internet is full of bad phone and text advice. A well-known founding father of the seduction community even teaches that texting is a WASTE OF GAME!

Wtf is that shit?!

After having seen all this stuff, I’ll tell you that, unfortunately, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT PHONE AND TEXT GAME IS WRONG!

I knew a system that was not only simple, but extremely effective, too, and I wanted to share it.

So, after much prodding from Asian Playboy, I decided to lay out everything I knew about phone and text game in a 5-hour seminar. I worked diligently for weeks on end, creating a Powerpoint with over 200 slides and several examples of both text transcriptions and actual phone calls. 

After weeks of work (hard part) and experimentation (easy part) December of 2009 came along and I gave my first phone and text seminar, iGame: From Text to Sex. This was met with rave reviews from the attendees and I’ve been getting tons of praise ever since from guys that have used my tactics with great success.

Fast forward to January 9-10th when I was invited to the Casanova Crew’s Ultimate Single Night Lay Seminar. Owing almost all of my SNLs to phone and text game, I decided to switch it up and take my hour to talk about the basics of texting to get people caught up. I can’t have everyone running around with terrible textnique, can I?? 

The links I provide for you, after the jump, are the first half hour of that very seminar and, coincidentally, the content is very similar to the first hour of the iGame seminar, which I’ll be giving again on March 14th (A little under two weeks away!).

All 3 free videos can be yours clicking CONTINUED...

Anyway, take a look at these videos. This is 30 minutes of 100% PURE CONTENT!

I’ll be sure to return next week with the last half of the presentation, so stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter! Remember, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT PHONE AND TEXT GAME IS WRONG! Do NOT listen to ANYONE else about phone and text game. 

It's wrong. Wrong. WRONG!

If you’d like more info on the FULL iGame seminar with REAL information and REALexamples by a REAL seduction expert like moi, head over to http://igame.eventbrite.com and sign up while tickets are still available!

Gareth Jones
1-888-689-GAME (4263)

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P.S.S. Remember, everything you know about phone and text game is WRONG! iGame is the new age of cutting edge phone game and only WE at the ABCs of Attraction have it.




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