Dear Asian Playboy: How do I get girls to buy ME drinks?

Thanks JT i had a look at that E-book and i like the way you do things but another question off the topic about game

I ve heard about Pua's like adam lyons n some others that when they go out they never buy drinks for others and instead girls buy drinks for them and seem to save up so much cash and since ressesion has hit us all so hard:) i was wondering if you would know how they did this and maybe sharing the secret with me haha

-Anonymous Thirst

Hey Thirst,

What you got here is a problem we like to call 'Thinking too hard'. Sure Adam Lyons and some of the other guys don't buy girls drinks and I think that's fine. There is a time and place for it, especially in Hollywood where there are some golddiggers out just to get drinks.

However, you have to remember that this is up to YOU. If you don't want to buy a girl a drink, you simply DON'T OFFER. If she asks you (or TELLS YOU, in some cases) to buy her a drink, you are more than welcome, as an independent human male, to say 'No.'. It's not rude.

In fact, it's actually rude for her to ask, but because guys bend over to it so often, it's become socially acceptable at clubs. I only buy girls drinks that I want to and that are worth it, but if you're broke, all you have to say is 'No.'

As for getting girls to buy YOU drinks, check out Kevin Feng's tutorial on how he gets girls to buy him drinkins on this podcast here.

Hope that helps!

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