SHOCKING CONTROVERSY! Are Mehow and APB Now Mortal Enemies!

LOL, I swear, people in our industry just LOVE gossip.

I'll let my boy Rob H who handles our newsletters talk about it (be sure to sign up for the ABCs Newsletter because we've got exciting and exclusive news to share with ya'll in the upcoming future!).

Dude! What's up with that?!

I was still in bed when the first phone call came in.

Hearing the distant ring, I stumbled through the mess of red bull and pizza boxes that had accumulated on my floor from several nights of working late, until I found my phone buzzing on the counter.

"Hello?" I said sleepily.

"Dude, what the $#*% is going on between Mehow and APB, I thought they were cool," a voice said on the other line.

"What are you talking about?"

He quickly filled me in.

For those who don't know by now, an email from the Mehow camp went out this morning accusing JT, the Asian Playboy, of stealing Pick Up Artist 2 Contestant (and newest ABCs of Attraction team member) Kevin Feng prior to his appearance on the show.

(Which is only half true. Kevin did come to us, was taught by APB himself, and then joined our team. After the show. With Matador's blessing.)

Furthermore, after seeing the recently posted video of Kevin sarging at his bootcamp, apparently there was talk that the ABCs was "stealing" Mehow's technology.

Well, I for one love controversy.

But, I know for a fact JT has a lot of love for Mehow and his innovative ideas (hell, JT did the FIRST Infield Insider as a FAVOR without ANY compensation), so it was a bit of a shock for him to wake up to the accusatory email.

Obviously, we would never steal his idea and have no intention of putting out exact copies of infield products in the near future.

And even if we "stole" Mehow's idea, guess what? Mehow's already working on a patented 3rd generation camera rig that will blow away all of Mehow's previous Infield Insider Video Footage!

So, as for JT and Mehow and the so-called BEEF I have been getting call after call about...

Here's what JT had to say:

"It's all blown out of proportion. Hell, I hung out with Mystery and Matador this last Sunday and they knew all about me taking Kevin on as an ABCs intern as well as me training him during a bootcamp a week after the show."

(JT's got pictures of the VH1 viewing party held at Style's mansion to prove it. At the very least, check it out to see the PERFECT 10 Model that JT brought as a date to the party amongst his female entourage.)

So if there was any confusion, there you go. And please feel free to call Kevin by his new name, "Cheater Feng" (because over here we all are).


Something interesting has come out of all this. Because of a leak of information, we are now forced to move up a surprise that we had planned to keep secret for several more weeks.

Yes, the rumors are true: The ABCs of Attraction IS releasing several MAJOR products in the next several weeks that may CHANGE THE GAME AND THE WAY IT IS UNDERSTOOD.


Sleep well.

-Rob H

P.S. And to all you skeptics who are saying this whole thing was a publicity stunt between Mehow and JT... C'mon now, would we do that?

Hope that's all cleared up. Now on to the NEXT controversy!

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