[PICS] The Ultimate 15 AMOG Street Battle Royale!

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It's natural for people to seek advice and seek role models.

So understandably, people of all walks of life will, when presented with a difficult and untenable situation, ask themselves, "What would [INSERT NAME] do when faced with this conundrum?"

After all, once a Pick Up Bootcamp is over, YOU are left with the choice to evolve and continuw forward. Your coaches won't be around to hold your hand. That's why we here at the ABCs don't treat you with kiddie gloves (except for the first night) because you have to LEARN and PUSH yourself in order to succeed without the training wheels we initially provide but take away in intentionally measured steps that both improves your skill as well as your own confidence.

Dallas Alumnus: Clutch (Successfully using an ABC Direct Approach) 03/15/08

I believe it was Oberion (previous 2006 Alumnus from Denver, Colorado) who was the first to tell me that after graduation (and now as many of our ABC Alumni as well) he would ask himself, when presented with some elusive Dating/Pick Up/ Seduction quandry:

"What would The Asian Playboy do?"

Or maybe you might look at other potential role models like this recent March 14-16th Dallas ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp:
  1. What would ABC Intern-Coach Quipster (ABC Team token that he is :-) do?
  2. What would Groove (ABC Alumnus and now Venusian Artist Coach) do?
  3. What would Sexual Chocolate (ABC Alumnus and now Mehow's Get the Girl Coach) do?

Sexual Chocolate: Blonde Makeout Report

You might take heart, inspiration, and experience from all the unique, individual styles of Game that still meshes perfectly within the versatile yet challenging teachings of the ABCs of Attraction Methodology as well as other role models and Enlightened Teachers.

But there are times when the Tides of Fortune turn into a DELUGE OF DOUCHEBAGGERY:

When the matter at hand presses forward without respite. Where the onslaught of simplemindedness, numbskullness, and skulldiggery seems to form an unending tide of mediocre douchebags.

And thus that same situation descended upon us on the 3rd night of the ABCs of Attraction Dallas Bootcamp of March 16th... or what we call "Graduation Night" and rightfully so with its incredibly challenging, intense, and potentially life changing "Graduation Ceremony."

On that dark Dallas streets of March 16th, the clubs around us were shut down and the ABC Team and students were successfully extracting two women from the club.

When all of a sudden, we- Sexual Chocolate, Quipster, and I (in conjunction with our bootcamp students)- are taken completely by surprise by what will probably become one of- if not THE- biggest AND safest (not to mention fun as all hell!) AMOG street battle royales of all time...

Ten AMOGs in front of us...
Five AMOGs at our rear...

Unawares, we are instantly overwhelmed by an oncoming Party Bus that disgorges ten or so white fratboys who try to abscond and makeout with the two women that our group had been- until now- pulling back to Club Khan (credit Quipster, honorary Asian that he is :-).

On top of that, another faction of five or so black men straddle up behind us and into our impromptu street seduction shenanigans with sniper-like concentration and ninja-like agility to pounce on any stray gazelles.

A Cornholio-in-Red powers into us and the girls, going immediately for an undeserved double kiss as his troops and other forces unerring envelopes our group with almost military like precision on both fronts. The momentum has reversed on a dime and it will sweep us away within moments.

I assess the rapidly changing field of battle before me with the razor sharp, tactical awareness that can only be developed from years of infield experience.

The women are pinned. The Cornfeds gloat. Their allies slink.
The students equivocate.

ABC Students, Alumni, and Coaches- in this situation- might ask themselves "If I was The Asian Playboy, what would I do?"

The irony of the question is not lost on me.

I remember what the sagacious military strategist Sun Tzu once wrote:
I make the call.

"We have them exactly where we want them."

Surveying the terrain before me, I rhetorically ask, "Are we REALLY going to let them get away with this?"

Sexual Chocolate raises an eyebrow with the calm and cool of a black Bruce Lee. "OH HELL NO!"

Ten AMOGs in front of us...
Five AMOGs at our rear...
And into the fray we go...

There is no violence. No shoving. No shouting. Just straight up Game against Game. The women are now being dragged away into the gaping maws of the Party Bus.

I lead the way like a general charging with his troops to bring down "The Ultimate Pimp Hand of Fury."

The battle is joined
and the battle fronts mutate as we get up close and personal.

Close Quarter AMOGing (CQA) At Its Finest:

All the coaches are swarmed by at least 2 to 1 if not 3 to 1 and so are the students.
The ebb and tide of this street wide AMOG Conflict shifts so fast that it almost seems like a chaotic blur to the untrained eye.

We may be outmanned, but
between our advanced BLP tactics and the AMOG B.I.T. Destroyers we are not evenly remotely outgunned.

We do not relent in the face of their douche-baggery. And neither do our students... Without them and they hearts full of the FOBBY LION, sheer numbers alone might have taken us down.

Our newly graduated ABC Brothers maneuver with practiced agility. They fence with the knowledge of their new training. They B.I.T. Destroy with some trepidation, but with growing confidence and skill.

And, bless them, they help turn the tide.

The students form an indomitable wall of camraderie:

Like the Great Wall of China but standing at it's greatest peak a mere 5 foot 8 inches, the Cornfed Hordes of over 6 foot tall giants are flummuxed by our smaller but more skilled ABC Brothers.

With all ten of the Fratboyss engaged, Quipster is able to lead away the rescued women.

Sexual Chocolate and I turn to secure our avenue of escape while the students take the rear guard.

Victory is almost certain but then we are once again ambushed but this time from the other side...

We face off against our new foes and I pity them:

A peaceful and bemused Zen-like calm surrounds us. We have years of training and the experience from battlefields around the entire globe.

They press their suit, but one by one we either outmaneuver them or we simply mow them down like trained Samurais of old with absolute uncaring indifference.

The demoted Short Bus retreats in a noxious spurt of fumes. The other faction slinks into the shadows from whence they came.

Our avenue of escape is now secure...

And so are the women.
Saffron (ABC Intern-Coach): Miami Bootcamp, March 21-23

People might ask themselves, "What would [INSERT RELIGIOUS ICON / WORLD LEADER / PUBLIC FIGURE] do?"

I make no claims of any such august personage.

Instead I ask myself...

"What the fuck would Jack Bauer do?"

Now, did I make a snap judgement to simply AMOG?

No, like playing chess, it was easy enough to outstrategize the AMOGS.

In life, you'll win some battles and you'll lose some battles. That's how the Game's played.

But on that night in Dallas...

We crushed our enemies!
Drove them before us!
And took their women!



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