The PUA's Valentine's Day Tactics Massacre!

So here we are again, loyal readers, Valentine's Day! THE holiday exclusively for Lovers, Don Juans, Casanovas, and Pick Up Artists galore! Here are three V-Day related PUA tactical posts.

And as a reminder, this is your last chance to sign up for these Valentine's Day related events THIS WEEKEND (2/15-2/18):
  1. Johnny Wolf for our ABCs of Attraction Certified San Francisco Bootcamp
  2. Valentine's San Fran Asian Week Release party
  3. V-Day Special Bootcamp with Jewelz in Los Angeles
Now to the Pick Up Artist's Valentine's Day Tactics Massacre!

First we have Johnny Wolf's excellent post "The 14 Day Valentine Challenge!"

Even if you didn't participate these last weeks, you can still go for broke and make something happen with JW's V-Day tactics tonight!

And from the oldie but still goodie files, my previous posts on Valentine's Day Game including Rebound Day (credit Thundy & Gunny) and my very own V-Day Text Message Carpet Bombing!

I've said this many times before and I'll say it again. I'm a very lazy Pick Up Artist.

I have one goal when I go out. To have FUN. And part of having fun is getting laid. With the least amount of work. And texting girls (1 to 20 at a time) requires almost NO effort...

So, some rules when it comes to text message hook ups:
  1. NEVER delete a number. Seriously, I subscribe to TD's old maxim. You cannot TRULY next a girl until you've slept with her. Otherwise, her non-response is actually HER choice. Not yours.
  2. Text every week or so. Rotate through numbers from the fresh & active to the defunct & random. I've hooked up with girls that were 6 months+ old leads. The nice thing is, obviously the phone-close wasn't great back then, but they've forgotten and you can make another strong impression.
  3. The structure of a typical text message convo (with 12 to 30 girls) is a cocky and funny opener, followed by some comfort building (hey, what's up, blah blah) and a SPECIFIC meetup.
  4. Say you start with 10 #-closes from last week. Solid to so-so. Text all 10. 8 responses back laughing at your C&F text opener. Comfort building. Goes to 6. Work out the logistics. Go for the meet. 3 or 2. Decide between them who you see that night and who you see tomorrow.
  5. Seriously, with all my traveling, I have NO time to do Phone Game (and it was never my strong point anyways) with a girl I haven't done a SNL (Same Night Lay). I don't do relationships (even short ones) so my reasons for doing this are probably different from yours. But whatever your goal is, this takes little effort, little investment, and will allow you to hook up every week.
  6. The Ultimate Valentines C&F text: "Happy Valentines day! I know its a bit early but I have thousands of sexy friends so I'm starting with tha ugliest ones first!"
  7. Non-response you can use, "Hey, I don't understand what I didn't hear."
  8. Make them intrigued and curious with an open-ended SOI (Statement of Interest), "I was thinking about you..." Use this when you know you're good. Comfort building should last no more than 3 to 5 texts on yours/hers part (if even that).
  9. To the random, non-sequitor neg, "You're silly."
  10. And for the actual meet (and ALWAYS go for the meet no matter what), just to make her jump through a final hoop as well as make logistics easier, I always tell her, "Text me when you get there..."
  11. Finally, no texting afterhours UNLESS you've bagged her. Then it just becomes a desperate, last ditch booty call.
Works for me.

But your mileage may vary.

What's your favorite Pick Up Artist Holiday? Is it New Year's Eve? Is it Halloween (I know that's mine!)? Well, for Gunwitch the "make the ho say no" caveman and seducer, it's REBOUND DAY!

From Thundercat's Seduction Lair, Gunwitch writes:

Want an easy lay?

Don't forget rebound day!

Rebound day, should be the pick up artists holiday, FORGET new years eve.

There is no easier day than Feb 15th to get laid.


Becuse as you probably know feb 14th is valentines day. As you may or may not know 30% of men fvck 79% of women, I dunno about you but I don't wanna fvck anything over about 10% of the female population but the statistics are there.

So on valentines day the "romance and love" day, a HUGE number of hot women (not just the other 65% of that 70) get stood up by guys who are dating more than one woman.

A HUGE benefit in our favor as well, the hotter the chick, the more probable the man she selects is so desirable he IS dating other women as well, and can only be with one on valentines day.

Now heres where the wierdness comes in, a good amount are stood up and heartbroken, or maybe even just had a bad experience on valentines day and are decking themselves out and going out on the town on the 15th, some others who don't even go to clubs are out there hoping to meet a new man.

I have done rebound day several times and my game always KILLS within a few approaches MAXIMUM.

Of 7 lays on rebound day I can remember, later being told 3 chicks had been stood up the day before, 1 had been alone on valentines day and had cast a love spell to summon her a lover (not kidding here), 1 had a boyfriend who didnt buy her anything or do anything special, and the other 2 I never found out anything that made any sense on why they were so easy to pick up.

So you see, RULE ONE, chicks get more lead by their emotions than us.

So Rebound day as I call it is like crashing funerals vs crashing weddings, fishing with dynamite folks. A litt cheesy, a little predatory, but it ROCKS for an easy day to pick up and lay a new chick with even base level game.

And by the way, YES this is a useful piece of info, but is also a sales pitch, if ya don't like it tough shit.

MY course will be available feb 13th to feb 15th ONLY, for 19.95, thats right the books, the audio the newsletters all of it for 19.95.

I wouldn't usually recommend trying to read through my book and listen to my audio then walk out the door and try to do it all at once without following the missions.

In the case of rebound day though, following just my advanced section on sexual state and my foundations section on assuming rapport, will get you laid within a few approaches to hit a chick in the right emotional state.

Plus the Dynamic Sex Life course is worth it alone at 19.95 for your overall game, or hell even entertainment value, but for rebound day ya can't beat GWM/DSL much less at this price.

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