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Here's a few mailbag items that were recently submitted (names changed)...

First up is SIN from New Zealand.

While I'll save the indepth response to SIN's really good pickup questions, with regards to coming Down Under, not too long ago we were teaching in Australia. One student got a full hookup and another student got a blowjob hookup. Booyah!

Australian reviews of The ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp with The Asian Playboy here:
  1. Edward Elric from Melbourne, Australia
  2. Malay (with pictures!) from Melbourne, Australia
Here's event information on this ONCE A YEAR INTERNATIONAL EVENT... SCHOOLIES WEEK!!!:
Dear Asianplayboy

Hi, my name is SIN from New Zealand.

Recently I'm going to the local clubs every weekend to learn the art of pick-up.

Because I live in NZ where there is no PUA around, I have no one to support and feed-back me on the field.

So I have to make so many mistakes and failures without knowing what I have done wrong and what to do to fix the problems and so on.

So I would like to e-mail and receive your advices if you allow me.

My current situation is..
1. When I see the target (who is ALWAYS dancing with her friends) I just go and say "Hi", "Hey there" or "Hi guys".

2. Then there is an instant shield showing that they are annoyed and they usually try to ignore me. (but some girls are nice, they listen to me at least)

3. And I keep talking to them and try to make a flowing conversation while keep dancing with them. And what I usually say is "Do you like music?", "Are you guys good friend?", "Are you enjoying the night?" etc.

4. Then few minutes later I realize that the conversation is finished, because they don't want to talk to me aloud or for whatever reasons.

5. And the same problems are keep repeating.

So my current problem is..
1. How to "smoothly" open sets who are just keep dancing on the floor surrounded by her friends? (Besides it's so loud to continue the conversation)

2. How to continue the conversation?

3. How to remove obstacles and isolate the target?

4. Because I am an Asian I tackle more Asian girls than white chicks, and I noticed that Asian girls are very conservative and defensive to strangers. (But as I see a lot of Asian chicks going out with white men, I guess they are not that defensive to white guys. - I wish I'm wrong in that view) But I don't want to have a negative point of view on them, rather i consider myself more "the lack of skills". And I become more motivated and encouraged to improve my skills.

Please help me and I'll be waiting your precious advices and tips. (My e-mail address is ***

Thank you. Bye..

- SIN from NZ

P.S.: Do you have any future plans to come to NZ?
And from Rick from the United Kingdoms (which we will hopefully doing as schedule permits).

Hey Guys,

I am Rick. I am a Cantonese born 21 years old student at studying at the University of Manchester. I have been in the UK for about 10 years now. I just been listening to your PUA radio where you were talking about AMOGing with Jonny Wolf.

Just a question about what to do when big white guys get playfully physical to AMOG you? I am about 5"7 and quite slim. A few months ago when I was in set, everything was going great until some half drunk white guy came to blow me out. Everything was fine because I am pretty quick with my words although after a few minutes he just picked me up like a toy and was trying to spin me around. I just told him, "Hands off, I charge for this shit!!"

*Mystery Line lol*

I know this is a neg on girls but I couldn't think of what to do or anything else to say! I mean just because white guys cant beat me by words they AMOG me physically which is really starting to piss me off! The thing is I know I cant make it seem like I am pissed off with him because they are playful while they are doing it but I know they are playing me like a toy!!!! I lost the set after that.

Please give me a hand!

Nice show by the way, I am catching this every week now! I am happy for you guys to reply by e-mail or reply in your next podcast.


p.s: I think you guys are doing great for the Asian PUA community.


And finally another international mailbag question from Iceland (where I partied and where hopefully we might do a bootcamp as well!).

Hey bro,

I heard that you came to Reykjavik last summer! How was it? Anyways, I am D.H. from Iceland and I was wondering if you are ever visiting Iceland again?

As for I know there is no community that I know of and the only active sargers are me and my friend.

We need more sargers here, how about having a bootcamp here in Iceland?

Again, call us this Wednesday(1/16/08), 9:30pm - 10:00pm (EST) @ 212-255-2898!!


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