[YOUTUBE VIDEO] What Are the ABCs of Attraction?

Hello and Welcome to the ABCs Of Attraction!

My name is JT and you may also know me from D Magazine, Asian Week, as well as The Asian Playboy Blog.

Let me give you a quick but vital introduction to what the ABCs of Attraction IS and IS NOT!

The ABCs Of Attraction is not just designed only for Interracial Dating but for any man who has his eye on improving. Whether he wants the exciting and safe One Night Stands or to meet that elusive women so he can have that healthy relationship…

The ABCs Of Attraction has you covered!

Furthermore, what the ABCs Of Attraction is NOT about is learning how to be dancing monkeys or entertainers for a group. Our advanced techniques and knoweldge BREAKS all known group methodologies which I have been teaching the past years as BLP or what we call Body Language Positioning.

What we also do not believe is what I call PICK UP version 1.0… Using contrived routines, weird behaviors and lies.

We here at the ABCs Of Attraction use exercises and an understanding of social science, male and female flirting behavior and practical, field tested application to bring out your natural personality.

So to begin with if you take a look at the ABC graph there are 6 simples steps from A all the Way to F:


Notice that I said Attract first because it is far more easier to successfully flirt with a women when YOU are an attractive MAN to begin with. If there is one thing that we believe here at the ABCs of Attraction is playing it smart!

The Least Amount of Work for the Maximum Amount of Results.

So before you even start approaching we teach proper Alpha Male Non-Verbal Communication. We also believe in being versatile, so we teach the 3 different styles of approaching including the patented ABC Approach Style that is a fluid and dynamic way of combining Direct and Indirect for maximum versatility.


B stands for Buying Temp which is simply a fancy way of being the kind of man that emotionally and physically stimulates for her.

Its about having and evolving your emotional and social intelligence by understanding how general verbal attraction works with her physical senses.


C is for Comfort and Connection. The most important thing to understand about comfort is not only her emotional comfort but also her physical comfort. Its not good enough to be just a friend you have to have that deep emotional connection. By having that kind of emotional connection, you evolve from simply flirting and transition to the next level.

So lets recap A B C is all about general attraction it means your are a good conversationalist , comfortable to be around and you are interesting. Whoop Dee DOOOO!

Unfortunately, at this point, it just means YOU ARE A GOOD FRIEND! And I don’t know about you but I already had enough female friends.

So the Next Phase encompasses D-E-F which is all about Sexual Attraction. Because, really, you want to be the friends that makes her romantically and sexually into you.

Because being in the Friend Zone Just Sucks!!!!!!


D is Direct Interest. This is where the boys are separated from the men. Where the rubber meets the road. Its the trickiest part, if you were like me and it simply took me ages of trial and error in order to learn how to properly and effectively express that romantic and sensual side of my masculinity.

So what we teach is how to verbally and physically make her interested in you beyond the platonic relationship. By understanding what triggers a women Sexual Arousal.


E is Extract or Escalate. This is the point of no return. Here you decide if you want a serious relationship or a mutually sensual experience. Extraction is all about romantically dealing with dating logistics- which is the man's domain. It can range from getting the number getting the date and having a car and having your own Place. Because no matter how attracted she is to you, every women subconsciously expects you to make it happen... NATURALLY!

Now Escalating is sexually escalating as far and as fast as she is comfortable with for that initial rendezvous. Its about having a high Sexual Intelligence and confidence in your own prowess in bed.

F is for “ARE YOU FUN OR FAKE?!”

Now finally we come to F. You guys know what F means right?

Actually it means more than that. it really stands for “are you fun or are you fake?” Because its just not good enough to learn how to pick up a women for a exciting one night stand. After all if you still live with your parents in a basements with you gi I joe action figures comic books playing star craft.

When she wakes up in the morning and she looks around you are not going to be able to have a long term relationship with a high quality women. Its about living that kind of lifestyle you have always wanted and what women want to be around.



Thanks for tuning in!


JT aka The Asian Playboy

(Office Number: 323-933-6525)

P.S. If you sign up and reserve your class seat now, you’ll receive a FREE consultation easily worth up to, if not more than, $100!

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