[PICS] Sarging Southern Belles at an ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp

I'm off to AUSTRALIA on Monday to teach a bootcamp in Melbourne. I wanted to go out with another free Seminar like Prophet and I had started up way back in 2005, but between everything going on, I just couldn't find the time.

And since I've noticed that this here blog has been sparse on pictures lately, I thought I'd leave ya'll with a few pictures from the last ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp I did in Dallas, Texas.

Asian Men love women of ALL races. Here we've got a Latina, African American, Caucasian, etc. Hey, when you go YELLOW... HELLO!!!
Dallas Bootcamp Dallas Bootcamp Dallas Bootcamp

Dallas students, myself, Quipster (not pictured) and Venusian Arts coach, Groove.

Dallas Bootcamp Dallas Bootcamp Dallas Bootcamp
Me doing what I do best...

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