The Birth... of The Asian Playboy

"Henceforth, the PUA formerly known as JT47319 no longer exists.

There is only... The Asian Playboy."

Gatsby here. I'll be updating the blog while APB and Johnnie Wolf are traveling and running seminars and bootcamps in Australia.

I decided to look for APB's old FRs (back when he was an AFC and went by the handle JT47319). And I found... the thread where APB decides to create a "pick up guide" for Asian Americans and also drops his old handle JT47319 and becomes the title "The Asian Playboy". The thread itself is quite interesting, as various PUAs discuss whether such a "pick up guide" for Asian Americans is needed.

And from the man himself...

06-11-2004 - APB posts the thread: "Is there a need for an Asian Man's Pick Up Guide?"

"Since the DJ Forum has been inundated recently with the rather tragic pleas and general angst ridden tirades of my fellow Asian American bros, I thought I might start putting together a PUA guide specifically for AM (Asian Males) to pick up chicks (including WFs).

I am no guru, just an intermediate PUA who has had some small skill and success in the field. It is, however, disheartening to see some of my fellows with bad techniques and even worse inner game. And I’d like to address some of these recurring themes that I see.

My inner game has usually been pretty good even though at times I feel the pressure of being a minority in the obviously prejudicial South. In college, it helped me acquire a LTR with a pretty, blonde WF and it later turned into a group of other fellow AMs, two of which also had cute blonde WFs.

Obviously we were out of place, but of the three of us AMs, we all had several things in common that helped us be alpha and have cute girlfriends versus the other AM dudes in the crew.

So the issue is, if there is enough interest in the topic, I will start on writing something up that I will hopefully release some time in the near future."

05-28-2005 - The Asian Playboy... is born.

"Henceforth, the PUA formerly known as JT47319 no longer exists.

There is only... The Asian Playboy.

05-28-2005 - The Asian Playboy continues to discuss his thoughts on Asian Americans and game... along with feedback from Geoff in RSD

"To put it in gravity terms, for Asians males in America, it's akin to being 9.9 m/s^2 while everyone else is 9.81.

In fact, I was on the phone with Geoff from RSD today and he was telling me how he saw how difficult women were with his Asian students versus his white students.

But I agree, the laws of attraction are the same. Biology is biology wherever you go. It's just that AMs need a little bit more Game not only because the women put up more ***** shields to AMs but also because AA society as a whole is very beta and AFC, even when compared to white AFC America.

I could count on one hand how many truly alpha AMs I've met. Societal programming, parents, peers, computer games, whatever the root source, the symptoms are the same, an entire generation of AMs that are more AFC than your typical American AFC."


"Geoff is the main instructor for RSD (Real Social Dynamics) founded by TylerDurden and Papa, all are top PUAs who can pull tail. They're located in Los Angeles and yes, the main demographic in the places they bring their students is predominantly white with a smattering of other minorities.

I think my point is to hopefully help out all those AMs and free them from their limiting beliefs and self-destructive doubts. To me, it's a LITTLE tougher to pull tail as opposed to say a fellow white PUA, but hardly impossible. It's not like scaling Mt Everest, just a small hill that's partly due to the women/society, but also (maybe even mostly so) in Asian men's heads.

I posted some of my stories on a predominantly Asian site. Most gave me props, but a few freaked out and basically said, "hell no! no girls go for Asian guys like that, giving him a handjob out in public or letting him her in the shower." It's a huge limiting belief that NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED so AMs can concentrate on the one or two extra shields and tests that they throw our way."

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