[AUDIO TESTIMONIAL] Last Chance for Discounts Coming Up! (Sydney, Melbourne, Dallas, Vegas, NYC)

"Going in there, I had my doubts. But from the very moment you meet him, he has this sort of aura about him. Which lets you know that he is the real deal! In terms of success... I got 5 to 7 kiss closes." - Lethyr M. (Australia)

AUDIO #1: Lethyr M. from Australia

(Las Vegas Bootcamp, June 29, 2007)

Lethyr from the Bootcamp of 100% Kiss Closes! #1

Or download the 1.1mb .wav file for at home listening.

It's just ONE more day before tomorrow's announcement. Can't you just FEEL the excitement in the air?! Let me give you a hint...
  1. It's something I have NOT done for you guys!!!
  2. It's DOWNLOADABLE for YOU to keep and pass around.
  3. But best of all... it's FREE!
Well, just as an incentive, I'm giving ALL loyal ABCs Readers the chance to receive a little EXTRA discount. So you BETTER sign up AND CONFIRM (check your spam boxes!) your subscription to our ABCs of Attraction Newsletter!Its free and you can opt-out at any time, so why the bloody hell not?

Anyways, in anticipation for both my upcoming, soon-to-be Legendary & Infamous 30th Birthday Bootcamp Bash in Vegas AND the near completion of my long awaited (currently 200+ pages) ABCs of Attraction Playbook… We are announcing special and exclusive discounts for LOYAL ABCs of Attraction Newsletter Readers.

This SPECIAL discount offer ONLY applies to Group Bootcamps and ONLY until and before the completion and release of the ABCs Playbook at which time the TUITION WILL INCREASE. So you can take advantage of this limited time offer (end of September/October) or forever hold your piece. In point of fact, the deadlines for receiving ANY kind of discount for our upcoming New York City, Melbourne & Sydney, Australia group bootcamps is RAPIDLY approaching.

You ONLY have a few days to lock in with a deposit and not only get the ABCs Reader's Discount offer, but ALSO get the $100 extra discount of the "Early Bird Special" (assuming you meet eligibility requirements).

After the deadline, an Exclusive Mentorship with The Asian Playboy, will be in the ballpark of $2100.

And if you- especially you Aussies- are STILL not convinced, I give you our FIRST AUDIO TESTIMONIAL from Australian Lethyr M.

Go to our new Audio Testimonial Page to listen to his charming Ozzie accent as well has him making out in the Las Vegas Bootcamp of 100% Kiss Closes! So sign up while seats are still available!


Well, one of the MANY side perks of being a loyal ABCs of Attraction NewsletterReader is exclusive content.

In the latest Newsletter, which will be sent out later today, APB Team Member Johnny Wolf talks about being a Natural versus Skilled Player! And it's only in our Newsletter!

Sincerely, The Asian Playboy

Just to let you know how serious I am about tomorrow, I've even created a SPECIAL, PASSWORD protected page that can ONLY be accessible tomorrow through a password that I'll be giving out ONLY to ABCs Readers! So stay tuned!

The Newsletter will be going out in a few hours later today!

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