Flashpacking and Free Meet & Greet at Trafalgar Square on May 17th

Well, ladies and gents, I'm off to go "Flashpacking" in the UK, which is defined by Wikipedia as:
Flashpacking is the neologism used to refer to affluent backpacking and backpacker, in such that a flashpacker shares many of the characteristics of a backpacker in that they travel independently with flexibility for generally longer periods than is common place amongst tourists and to more exotic and far-flung destinations. However, whereas low cost travel is associated with backpacking, flashpacking has an association of more disposable income while traveling. [EX: Bringing cellphones, PDAs, and/or laptop]
LOL, I've gotten too old for the hardcore backpacking shit and (mis)adventures that I went through in Europe with OCWaterBoy.

Before the London Group Bootcamp on May 25 - 27, I'll be hitting up Reykjavik, Iceland. Then Edinburgh, Scottland and after the bootcamp, I'm off with my drunkard, debauching self to Dublin, Ireland. Groove and Toy Machine will be rampaging Ibiza, Spain and then Paris, France. Booyah!

Anyways, for those interested in a little free Meet & Greet and later dinner with myself and the APB Team (Groove and Toy Machine), you can meet us in Trafalgar Square on May 17th (Thursday) at 7pm.

I'm staying at the Grand Hotel there so BE SURE TO RSVP!

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