Calgary's Racist Club/Bar Door Policy

I'm back from San Francisco / Jose. Overall, these past months have been an exhausting experience and I have one last Field Critique with an Asian brother before taking a break.

He's also flown all the way from Finland. It's kind of cool having international clients who have flown all the way from Australia, Spain, Japan, and now Finland.

Anyways, I was forwarded this YouTube video about racist policies at club/bar doors up in Calgary. It strikes a chord because something similar happened to us in San Francisco.

Now it's pretty rare for me to get barred from the door because I generally look like I belong, but it's a little different when I've got a retinue of Asian students following along.

I won't chalk it up to a totally racist experience (we were all guys and the students were dressed average) when us Asians rolled up to the San Francisco club called Pink which had a predominant number of Europeans (speaking Russian or something), but it was... out of place because I can usually get people in with a little charm and some grease. This time we were denied as well as watching a lone Asian guy rebuffed at the door.

Random? Intentional? Whatever. Ce'est la vie.

I now give you a news clip from Calgary's race problems at the club/bar door.