It's Opt-In Monday!

OK, so I've finally switched over to Aweber.

Everyone previously subscribed SHOULD be receiving an opt-in e-mail soon. The title will read: "RESPONSE REQUIRED: Please confirm your subscription to apb-casefiles."

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, but this will allow me to deliver newsletters more effectively as well as just providing a better newsletter period.

You can remain on the Bloglet subscription service, which allows you to receive an email update when I've posted. That way you don't have to check my blog constantly to see if I've posted something new.

However, the [Confidential] Case Files will now be going through Aweber so PLEASE respond and confirm your subscription when you receive the e-mail.

I have also placed the new sign up box in the upper left hand corner.

You can read more about the exclusive, non-blog details inside each newsletter.

Signed, Asian Playboy