The THREE Most Important Posts of Your Life

I'm feeling good. I'm feeling tipsy. I won't say that I pulled off the impossible tonight, but I did pull of the bloody DIFFICULT.

Which, namely, was a full makeout session with a Central European hot brunnette while her East European blonde friend kept on trying to SHOOT ME DOWN THE ENTIRE BLOODY NIGHT!

The very LAST entry in "How to Attract a Woman" will not be, as Style had delineated, being Sexual versus being Horny. In fact, I will be addressing LOOKS (one of the main attraction switches in women) or more specifically STYLE and how the main schools of thought: PEACOCKING versus FASHIONABLE can work for you. That's the LAST public post I will have on the subject.

The essence of SEXUAL ATTRACTION will ONLY be available to subscribers to the [Confidential] Asian Playboy Case Files #2 where I will talk about the Sexual Attraction triggers as well as my ongoing escapades with the fake titty, blonde personal fitness trainer from Austin.

Sexual Attraction and tension is perhaps the NUMEBER ONE sticking point of Asian Men. All guys have, as their first sticking point, approach anxiety. But where I've seen EVERY SINGLE ASIAN GUY (as in 100% from wingmen, newbies to students) is SEXUAL ATTRACTION triggers. It's a sticking point for a LOT of guys, but for Asian men, it's probably the HARDEST, most deeply INGRAINED self-limiting belief that I've every seen. It's like fucking BRAIN WASHING. And I'm only going to address Attraction Switch #8 in my newsletter. PUBLIC BE DAMNED.

Case Files #2 will be out the day before Valentine's.

And the THIRD most important post, which I seriously considered keeping EXCLUSIVE, was the idea of SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. It comes back to the metaphor of flying a jet fighter and having to keep tabs on not only your instruments, but everything going around you. I've never seen an explaination like it before and after I write up everything else, I'm going to explain how I keep track of almost a dozen VARIABLES in my subconscious in order to land the girl.

Learn it, live it, and love it. Either you're Maverick who lands the hot girl to the tune of Berlin or you're Goose how gets his skull caved in because he was #2 in the cockpit. Which one are YOU?!

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