[Confidential] Asian Playboy Case Files #2

I e-mailed out the latest Case Files for your enjoyment, edification, and education. Alas, it's another jam packed eight (8!!!) pages of information on seduction, pick up, dating, flirting, and so forth... all the things a growing pick up artist needs.

So I hope you appreciate the quality and time that I put into it weaving the monstrosity of an 8 page newsletter including the conclusion of "How to Attract a Woman" series with the final part 6 on sexual attraction. I don't know anywhere else one could get so much PUA content in any dating and seduction newsletter.

Here's a sneak preview of what people received in their e-mail box this morning:

Table of Contents
[APB-p1] Upcoming Possible Bootcamps: Canada , New York, California, Houston
[APB-p2] Bathroom Fun w/ Personal Fitness Trainer
[APB-p3] Ask APB (Help! I'm going to lose my WFHB10+!)
[APB-p4] How to Sexually Attract a Woman
[APB-p5] The Asian Man's Dating Coach

If you did not receive the newsletter (I did receive some error e-mails), then please correct your e-mail by contacting me using this form..

Please post any seduction and newsletter related comments and/or questions here.

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