Bootcamp Openings: New York, California, Canada, & Houston

(As a reminder, my newsletter will come out tomorrow, Valentine's Day. I'm trying to cut it from the whopping 8 pages I had in my last newsletter... but yeah, it's still going to be big!)

As I previously stated, my New York Fashion Week excursion was canceled. I have one of our fellow Asian bros out there who really wants to take a bootcamp with me, but can't necessarily afford the plane ticket.

With 1on1s, flight and accomodations are up to the student. If the student can bring in another person for a 2on1, I will waive the flight costs (if it's in the continental USA) and pay up to $200. So if you're in New York, please contact me soon.

I also have other possible bootcamps in California, Canada, and Houston coming up. So if you're interested or would like me to come to your city, contact me using this form..

My next scheduled bootcamp will take me to chilly Montreal in Canada for a 2on1 with some Asian bros. I remember Protocol telling me that in Montreal he had absolutely SICK mad play. Maybe it's the French influence?

Rumor has it (and from what I've seen when I was in Paris) French girls have a fetish for Asian men.

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